Monday, March 30, 2009

Atelier Aquarium

A design group from Strasbourg, France, Atelier Aquarium has designed some beautiful fonts with great concepts to boot. take a look...

reminds me of an old book where the ink is fading. not practical for typesetting a book or blocks of text, but gorgeous for short design based pieces.

the .gif wouldn't work here... please go to the site and see the 3d design concept for the above typeface. the font itself is a pretty basic blackletter style, but their design process is amazing.

click above to indulge! again, the concept almost supersedes the final product.

Just Another Manic Monday (WOOOOO)

My mother just called to tell me that the Austin police found my ID. They arrested someone with it in his possession. FUCKIN CRAZY. I don't think it was our jumper man from the river because I had my id later that night... but where o where did my little id travel? It must have been rough. I imagine some Little Toaster action and adventure.

So much work to do. the springtime is a sabotage.

The co-op picked our new housemates last night. We'll see how many accept and live with us. I am freaking out a little bit because a very good friend is on the waitlist and I want to live with her. fuck.

I think I'm finally getting over my cold.

Check my twitter, fools, for things I hear/see when I'm away from the compie.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Austin Finito

to finish up Austin...

I forgot another thing from Austin- LADIES NIGHT!!!!!! Nickie, Geneva and I went out on the town after Salt Lick to get a little drunky and see what was happening. The bus driver was awesome, telling about his move to Austin and being very helpful. We stopped by Hideout, a coffee shop that Nate said was the least pretentious cup of coffee and instead recieved the weakest coffees of our lives. Geneva and I even asked for double shots, and it was like drinking warm milk. The second place we went was "Darwin's" for Geneva. We had a quick tequilla shot and moved on to a little bar with a funk band playing and a lot of very drunk people. We hung out there for a few songs then went to Maggie Mae's. Hahaha! When giving my id to the bouncer, I said "I'm a Maggie!" He smiled and gave me my id back. We got a drink (a very strong drink) and looked out over the street from the rooftop. Man, 6th street was a shit show. There were bums and hipsters waking through the littered streets. A pizza shop across the street was bustling with red lights and punked out servers.

After Maggie Mae's, we just walked around a bit looking for a final drink even though it was about 1 in the morning already. We sat by a small creek that ran through the neighborhood singing and talking about so many things... until Jason and Harrison picked us up after hanging with Jason's brother.

When we were about ten minutes from Arlen's (Harrison's childhood) house, we got pulled over and Harrison got a ticket for going 55 in a 40 on a back road. The whole trip we had weird associations with cops but never a legit ticket. Well... then we were on our way to vassar and someone started following Harrison. They followed us all the way to the train station where Jason needed to pick up his car. This dude pulls up beside us with his window rolled down and begins to berate us about driving 95. He said that there are eyes watching or some shit. I figure he was an off-duty cop with a power trip acting creepier than I think he needed to be.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Last night, my computer died! well... it wouldn't boot up so it was essentially a zombie. I had to have it archived and reinstalled yesterday while I was flitting around from Josh Harmon's to class and all over the place aimlessly. Now, I am using a mostly functional computer (the tech said, "it works, but I don't know for how long." thanks, dude!).

I slept through my morning class yesterday. I figured that my health was more important than waking up and walking in damp weather (which I ended up doing all afternoon anyway). I've just been exhausted from the combination of cold medicine and actually being ill. I hate being sick. Sometimes, I even deny that I'm even sick.I have a cough, yes. It's kind of nasty. I'm getting some sinus headaches actually. I have some body aches. Shit... I am sick. I'm feeling better today, still have an overload of mucus.

More about Austin!

Thursday, we bickered for awhile trying to get ourselves to some water to swim. Jason was adamant about river tubing that cost like 12 bucks and was 45 minutes away. The real problem was that there were seven of us, and our car only fit five... Jason and Harrison were making the argument that if we (myself & geneva who were the loudest against driving so far with so many) didn't feel comfortable we didn't have to go. They made no sense since it was Geneva's car and she should have the final say. We ended up going to a local creek where all the locals go to wade. We found a nice spot where there were these large stone steps towards the water. I was putting seaweed in my hair and enjoying the cool water.

I guess the real excitement of the watering hole was the police rolling up and busting some people sitting beside us for smoking pot. I was lying, half asleep and thought that we were fucked. Some of the boys were drinking beers and got a little "no drinking in public" from the bike cops but they were all 21 so there wasn't much else they could do really. Crazy thing was, while all of this was going on, one of the dudes who was getting busted for the pot jumped into the water and ran away. The cop was really antagonistic saying shit like "very convenient that nobody knows who he was" (no one did!) and he gave Harrison a hard time for not having his id on him. In the end, the jumper distracted the cops from everyone and no one got in trouble. I wonder what did happen to the other guy though...

~ Nickie told me that she was going to sleep in the tent I had set up inside the house in the early morning when she woke up after falling asleep outside but saw Bronze spooning me with his arm around my waist. I had no idea what had happened. ~

After the whole police run in, we decided to get some barbecue from the best joint (supposedly) in town- SALT LICK. It was a little drive away (which was funny since we didn't go tubing because of the distance) and a traffic cop was at the entrance. Well, he gave us a slap on the wrist for having as he said "definitely illegal" amount of people in the car. Nevertheless, we ate some killer bbq. Salt Lick was picnic tables on end like a cafeteria and the menu was really limited. It made a lot of sense as a business model- less variety means less to keep in stock but otherwise things are in high volume and delicious! The coleslaw was amazing- not creamy but a little sesame oil and pepper. it was great. We pigged the hell out to say the least.

Jason built a small fire outside by the couches, and I think I got poison ivy from it. It was all over my face by the morning. Luckily, Nate had some scrub since he's super allergic that helps remove the oils. I think it helped because it's almost completely gone now.

Friday, we got some burritos and Harrison bought me a bottle of grapefruit soda to make me feel better. We went to a house show that was just crazy. I loved their house and all the bamboo and teepees in the backyard. the Space Cave.

I think on Wednesday night I farted accidently while coughing.

It took us a long ass time to get on the road Friday night. We stopped at the Whole Foods flagship store and loaded up. Everyone loaded up on the salad bar not realizing that it was 8 bucks a pound and not limitless. We bought something like $100 worth of provisions.

The ride home was much sleepier and gigglier that the ride down. We ran out of gas in West Virginia on our way to Geneva's dad's in Clarksburg. We slept there and woke up to amazing breakfast- biscuits and gravy, bacon, waffles, eggs & coffee. I was chatting with her stepmom Vickie and playing with the yorkies all morning before we finally started again for Vassar.

Harrison called his mom and organized a late night dinner at her house in Monticello. We made a quick stop at the site of Woodstock where we first realized the cold of the Northeast in comparison to Austin and midday W.Va. Arlen cooked us an amazing meal and we talked about books, Obama, and a future tattoo she's been thinking about.

I've got to wrap this up in a later post...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Technical Difficulties

The reason I haven't posted sooner about the craziness of Austin is because well... my computer is dying or something like that. I don't know what the hell happened but all of the sudden my usual browser won't launch and neither will iTunes. I get the pinwheel of death all the time and things are slower than molasses. ugh. To top it off, on the way down to Austin, my camera fell from my lap at a rest stop and now it won't focus. fuck fuck fuck.

I also have a cold of some sort. hooray! Wait... there's more...

The last night in Austin we built a fire. Somehow, I was the only person to get poison ivy all over their face. great! Man, I certainly have my fair share of afflictions. Good thing I'm too busy to be able to care/whine/moan/roll around kicking and screaming/cry.

Austin however was a lot of fun. The drive down took us 44 hours of highway, Skyline Dr., Lefty's Barbecue and thousands of miles of fog. I drove a little bit while everyone was asleep through Tennessee and Arkansas. Thankfully I never really needed to downshift until we got to exits. Driving a standard is difficult to say the least. There were some weird gendered power dynamics as Geneva and myself were not willing to relinquish what control we had- it was geneva's car and the girls were practical. Perhaps, it's just because I can't see through their eyes and think with their minds... whatever. The things we bickered about were of little importance really and easily resolved.

Since my camera got busted on the way down, I was taking photos with just my medium format that Guy gave me for christmas. I'm eager to see how they turn out. Funny thing was, geneva's cellphone pictures were the only digital format we had.

Mark lives in a nice little neighborhood one the east side of Austin with two roommates- Nate and Mollie. When we arrived in Austin, we had to quickly pick up other friends- Bronze and Nickie, from the airport then it was off to Mark and Mollie's performance at a local outdoor coffee joint. I was in a serious funk that night and had to call Emily to snap myself out of it a little. Things have felt topsy turvy.

Wednesday was SXSW for our weary group of travelers. Harrison never showed up. Nevertheless, I got to see Yoni Wolf, Themselves, and Akron/Family perform FOR FREE!!! SXSW really utilizes the layout of Austin as the city has two intersecting streets that are lined with bars. Because of the weather, most of these bars and clubs have indoor and outdoor venues making it soooo easy to have a shit ton of music going on.

After Akron/Family's set, I got to talk business and propose that they play HOWBOWT. Man, it would be out of this world if they came! Especially since I initiated the deal.

We all reconvened to head back to the house (I hadn't eaten since the morning- a muffin and some fruit. Yes, I sacrificed food for music). As we were walking towards the bus stop Mark saw someone sitting on a stoop eating an Abba Zabba. He stopped and we started talking to the kid for about an hour or so. His name was Justin but he always liked Joshua so we called him Joshtin. He was a crazy fellow who has been traveling around to music festivals and slowly becoming disenchanted with the world- diving deeper into solitude. Through his mental anguish, he must have drawn us to him because he said we were some of the coolest people he had met in a long time. I don't know how cool we were, but I don't doubt that the forces of the universe brought us together for the purpose of hope for human connection.

more to come...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wagons Ho!

Settling down before the long long long long long long car ride ahead. The weather is gorgeous at the moment, almost wish Austin wouldn't have 80° weather but this 60° beauty instead. I'm not complaining. I'll be sweaty and in lighter clothing. Geneva said something about swimming too. Wow... it's been a hell of a long time since Villa Rica.

Noah's dog Luke is visiting at the moment, and we've been taking walks and palling around. I love animals.

More to come...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Breakfast at Suminays

Do you like Animal Collective? I do. Seems like a trio of older folk aren't too enthused by the new single "My Girls". Thanks to FreeWilliamsburg for finding this hilarious video.

Tomorrow, the Road

I have a lot to do today.

blue dress
2 shirts
bathing suit
leisure reading

charge camera
load camera
empty trash
clean house
empty fridges
read anthro
read 1968
read poetry
begin poem

And I think we are going to Howard's for dinner tonight. I don't know what time we'll leave tomorrow to start heading down to Austin. I think I'm gonna make point to write a set of directions, you know, just in case.

Emily was talking to me last night about her confusion and uncertainty about the upcoming upheaval. My mom still hasn't contacted her about staying at my papa's which would be a fantastic scenario but is looking doubtful at the moment. I told Emily that hardship was the time for greatest learning. I think she understands.

I recently did an overhaul of the desktop... keeping things designed to keep my mind on design...

image from Mike Perry's Untitled Magazine.


more from the photographer, Alison Scarpulla

Five Words/Erosie

I love this typographic screen print by Erosie who does some great street art amongst other collaborations. I can't quite get this next one though... I don't know what Mr. T is supposed to stand for. (it is in english)

Mr. T stands for B.A, his character on the A Team. Everything makes so much more sense!


Breck is my dear friend and a fab fotografo.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday, March 12th

My favorite memories of Thursday, March 12, 2009:

Meeting Blake, a friend of Aiden, housemate of Harrison's. Blake is from Allentown, Pa. We learned we shared a hometown over coffee before I left with Harrison and Nickie for Bethlehem, Pa.

Stopping at Gabel's in Tannersville, Pa for ice cream, waiting for Nickie's mom to meet us.

Getting to see my dad was amazing. He says that he's lost about 38 lbs and looks great for it. I hadn't seen my dad's feet since he lost two toes on the left foot. It was especially weird to see not only his foot without the big toe but also how much not having it affected his balance.

My dad is well liked within the rehabilitation center amongst the nurses and other patients. Everyone had heard a lot about me, remarked at our resemblance and said kind words of my father as I wheeled him though the halls in his wheelchair.

My stepsister Haley dashed over to see me and my dad when she found out I had stopped in town. Her hair is a deep brown and she looks just like Snow White with her milky complexion, blue eyes and red painted mouth. I wish she would have been able to hang out, but she had clinic for beauty school that evening. We hope to schedule a trip to the bar in the near future.

My dad gave me the book, "Coming of Age in Samoa" by Margaret Mead. He read it the night before his Lit final while popping speed, so he says. He doesn't remember the book- only that he liked it. I think the world is spinning some mischief involving Samoa... Samoan Sauna... Coming of Age in Samoa... Regardless, Mead went to Samoa when she was only 23 and wrote a Perennial Classic. Damn. Janis and Jimi were dead by 27. Haley and I wonder what the hell we will leave behind before long.

I checked my dad out for the evening. weird. it was like signing for an early dismissal in high school.

Watching Harrison walk over after a sudden nap. He looked very dreamy and glazed.

It was kind of nice to have Harrison around for dinner at my Grammy's, just for the ability to look over at another person thinking that there is a lot of ridiculousness and pasta being thrown around.

Spaghetti sandwich!

My Grammy randomly brought up that I should move to Bethlehem and take care of my dad. I was surprised to hear my mother's voice leap out-- I want to live my own life! I'm too young! I really couldn't even believe what she was saying to me. asking of me. I watched my mom take care of my grandmother for so many years and I don't want to start that lifestyle anytime soon. You lose yourself in the care of another. You can't just go on break when it's your parent.

Grammy: Do you two go together? In unison: NO.

We took my dad on a smoke ride around the neighborhoods of Bethlehem. He showed us the houses of old girlfriends, we spoke of the city planning around industrial valleys- the rich get the view. We idled outside of the house I was taken home to from the hospital, a brand new baby. I noticed the missing trees, but it seemed to be a happy home. I think we scared the occupants though-- they were peeking through windows, turning lights on and off in paranoia. I think I'll write them a letter to let them know that the creep car sitting outside their house one night was a nostalgic father and daughter.

If I had stayed in Bethlehem as a child. I would have attending Calypso Elementary, an old building that now is completely rebuilt, and there would have been a Shimer Street nearby. Upon realizing this, I gasped. Harrison accurately assigned the cause of my groan-- the imaginative possibilities I was denied in my childhood.

Sometimes you end up on a more direct but windy route. Specifically, 209.

To cap it all off, Harrison ditched me at the end of the night to pass out while I remain without a reciprocal massage.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Andy J Miller

Wasn't there an Andy Miller at my high school? Didn't he have a redheaded sister in my grade? Well... this isn't him. Jes, you need to see this, I think. Miller reminds me a lot of Mike Perry and his books "Hand Job" and "Over and Over". I recently have been looking at Hand Job for inspiration for my font and in general.

Andy J. Miller, a US artist working in the UK. You can tile the image below to make a sick wallpaper! thanks Andy!

Monday, a Journey

What day is today? I really am having trouble remembering when exactly I am. Ah, Wednesday...


Spent some time in the morning with Geneva's momma, Pam. Having real conversations with adults, especially parents, is very relaxing and important to me. Being at Vassar, we are surrounded by selfish twenty somethings who (myself included) really have no idea about getting along in the "real world". I like to be tempered by my elders. Hell, I grew up surrounded by people at least thirty years older. When Pam left to go back to WV, I ran in the street waving my hands. I think Geneva and Pam really benefited from spending time together. Made me miss my momma, but I'll see my dad soon.

Which reminds me: Sunday, Harrison brought up that he didn't know when we would go to see my daddio and that he would try to maybe find me a car to borrow. (great, a day alone visiting my ill father, sounds like laughter and glee!) That night, I got really upset, thinking I wasn't going to see my dad at all after nine months of being away and him still in the hospital. I cried myself to sleep thinking horrible thoughts, yelling at the imaginary Harrison in my head about something spiteful. I thought about my Granma. I thought about how she essentially committed the longest suicide ever- five years of slowly drawing the blade across her health. Well, I ended up dreaming.

My dream:
I'm in a room that's not in my home, surrounded by little things and people bustling through. I'm wearing the most beautiful dress I have ever seen- black with a bright floral pattern cut in a '50s sort of sundress style. I feel happy, in control. Harrison walks up behind me and starts to give me a kiss. He's out of a relationship with Fern and wants to be with me. We shuffle into a side room to speak for a second. I tell him it is sudden but I do not decline his offer. We pass into the main room again and I begin going through more papers and photos. A bellboy remarks at how affectionate Harrison and I are together as my mother walks into the room wearing a similar dress as I. Harrison leaves saying we'll see each other soon. I pick up a photo of my Granma; she is young and beautiful, in the foreground of an air show on a wide river. It looks to be the twenties in the photo... the photo begins to come alive and I jump into the experience of my Granma on that day...

Planes are flying, skimming the river as they land. I see a small passenger plane clip the ends of it's wings because it landed in a place too narrow. I head into a building, of purpose I am not sure. Everything is so classically beautiful and well kept. There are wrought iron elevators and railings round a square spiraling staircase- the style is art nouveau. For some reason, myself and a suited older man have to carry a delinquent down the hall and take him somewhere within the building. I remember having a secure hold on the young man, waiting endlessly for the passenger elevator so we moved down to the freight elevator. I don't believe much happened after the elevator doors opened to a man and his wife in fur trimmed coats and feathered hats.

Monday was also Guy's birthday. I grew very sad in the morning, recording him a short video where I primarily cried and said "I love you". it's a sore subject that brings me both confusion and security. I do love him though and hope he had a wonderful day with his parents in la Habana.

Late on Monday night, I found myself with Jason and Harrison on a mission to kidnap Harrison's dog for a few days. I really was going for the ride and to see Harrison's family. I really enjoy his father, Howard and his brothers, Zach and Greg. On our trip, Harrison kept referring to me as "the voice of reason". Funny, he usually pays little attention to what I have to say. Nevertheless, Harrison has determined that on our drive down to Austin, there will be three unreasonable men and two very reasonable women. Isn't that how things usually work out? But on the way back from Austin there will only be two unreasonable men and three very prominent women that will surely overpower the dynamics of the boys. I imagine that they will bitch about it to some extent.

The landscape near Monticello is so picturesque and iconic of the Catskills that it becomes my other excuse for visiting Harrison's childhood home. He always brings us to Basherkill, a wide marshy river spotted with isles of deciduous and evergreen. In the summer he says, lily pads cover the surface. Monday night, there were half melted sheets of ice dappling the water between grasses and geese. At one point, Jason and I were testing the echos of our whistles and woke up a small colony of birds. I was reminded of my childhood when I would sing bird calls believing that I was truly having a conversation even though I had no idea of the meanings of the sounds.

Also, Jason and I switched socks.

Eventually, after discussing the differences between trails and roadways, we made tracks to Harrison's house. The voice of reason said that if we are going to inevitably wake up Howard and Greg, might as well do it late at night and not early in the morning. Howard is a giver is a provider is an enabler. He'll do everything for his sons and always greets me with a kiss on the cheek. Zoe, the dog we had driven to kidnap, lay asleep in my arms for the majority of our time at the Siegel homestead while I snacked on a sandwich in the kitchen. I miss having animals and understand Harrison's desire to bring Zoe back to Vassar for a few days of break, but she had groomer appts the next day and Howard wouldn't give her up. I also can understand the bond between a man and his dog. Harrison wasn't really thinking things through about the situation anyway. To his surprise, the voice of reason brought up that we'd need to bring Zoe's food and something little of hers so she would feel secure in the new environment. I really think he just imagined the dog as a plant that he could water once in awhile, and it would go on existing merrily.

Howard loaded us up with food but no puppy. We piled in the car, and the boys began to teach me stick. It took me a little while to get moving, but they seemed surprise at the speed I picked it up. The clutch is still a little weird. It doesn't feel natural yet which only practice will correct. Hopefully, I can go out with Geneva in her car (the car we are taking on the road) to practice and hopefully, to feel more comfortable. I drove all the way, in the night on back roads, to Harrison's mom's house. He couldn't remember the combination and rang the doorbell twice. Finally, we made it inside and met Dave, Arlen (harrison's mom)'s boyfriend. He had produced a gun like we had been joking he might do. Arlen wasn't there; Harrison said he could feel it before we even went inside. All of the spaces Harrison inhabited during his childhood are extremely designed, sleek, intentional. I can't imagine having a home as such since I grew up in a much more organic living space. We had some new things, but they were bought so they'd go with the antique hand-me-down furniture that we carried from my papa's. Our knickknacks are bought over lifetimes and many things are handcrafted and weathered. ...Just makes me want to say Richie Rich.

The boys decided to take the long way home. I fell asleep in the back for about an hour.

The worst thing to have happen as the capstone of an evening happened to me. It wasn't completely devastating, but it sure did ruin my mood and uplift from a night of the open road, forest, and family. I stepped in the mud that connects my house to A2 and sunk deep in the soft ground. I was stuck and the mud was freezing and encapsulating my feet. Jason did throw me a plate to try and step on, otherwise, I wasn't given much aid in getting out of the mess. In fact, the boys said they were trying to lighten my mood by cracking jokes. I almost cried as I was trying to beat off the excess mud from my shoes (they and my hands were completely covered in mud) and told them that their jokes weren't making me feel better. How can standing back and laughing make someone feel good about having to dig herself out of freezing mud?

After the mud, we drank some limeade and called it a night.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

"I'm Set Free", Again: Not Yet Sunrise

Spring has sprung promptly on the first day of spring break. I finished up on Friday and felt a wave of relief. No more bullshit deadlines for the next two weeks. Granted, I do have to do some work over break, but I'm not too worried. I'll carve out three days this week to get everything done and finished while taking it easy and getting things together.

I started working on a font. It's fairly a transitional serif, fixed width. I think I'll name it "Lawrence". I've always like the way "lawrence" sounded and looked but would never name a human child it, but a typographic child? It's definitely a lot of work and measurements, but I've never felt more accomplished as I've been working on a project. Every letter I finish is a small triumph. I'll post some updates on it soon.

I actually got to spend some real time with Rowan on friday and a little Saturday morning before she left for break. We made some chai butter cookies with choco chips. It was very experimental since we'd never used the recipe before. We've decided that once we perfect it, it will become a signature move--especially after she moves into the house next year. Oh yes, it will happen. Longstoryshort, we want to make them thin round little cookies and dip them in chocolate instead of the chips. My favorite thing about them in their infant state is how they look like a light chocolate chip kind of cookie but then you get this taste of christmas spice that is in no way overpowering.

I rented the Oliver Stone movie, W on friday night and never got to watch it. Fuck.

The weather really makes a difference. Saturday in the sun, it was perfect. Rowan and I drank lavender coffee outside sitting at a picnic table, I shared a cigarette with Geneva's mom, Pam (oh the crazy Pams in my life!), watched boys do handstands upside-down seeing them swim in the sky, trying to break the surface of hay-covered clay. I think Jason had the idea to bbq. Grilling out makes me feel sane in a weird way. Everything tastes better from the grille, and we had sooo much food. I made mac n cheese and drank a lot of tequila in the form of chilled Palomas from a Classico glass jar. Pam was definitely drinking up with me. Laughing like buffoons in the night with a lantern.

I want to run an experiment. In the experiment, I will be closer to people. Only people that are willing, of course. I'm used to nuzzling with those I care about-- my family especially. I often miss deep touch in an unromantic way. Throughout the experiment, I will note the developments in relationships and my overall mood. I think it will be ultimately fruitful. I suppose it is also to help with my lack of affection while Guy is away. I wish I could express the heaviness.

My intention for Austin was inspired by a McCheeb Libertion Front story from Rich. Que es mi poder?

It's so quiet with everyone deserting the campus for break. now, we feel like satellites instead of daisy chained.

I have to get down to visit my dad. I wish I had a car and didn't have to rely on Harrison. Annoying, like yesterday when I massaged him to sleep and am still waiting for mine in return.

There is an interesting theory developing in my life... am I imaginary? a storybook character? (keyword character) One night we decided that if anyone was a figment of someone's imagination, I was. Also, Howard (Harrison's dad) has this birthday personality book that goes into detail for each date. I've read a bunch and some aren't so accurate as I can tell... but mine seems deadly illuminating. The theme of my birthday is destiny-- I am a servant of fate and a victim to it's wile. I have a dark and light side of my personality (not to say a good and evil). Good and bad things seem to happen at random. I am resilient and creative. This fits into my "I'm imaginary" idea as destiny is a trope of storybook characters. Their futures are foretold, they are bound to the actions of the past. How would one know if they are a modern day fairytale character? hahahahahahaha... this all sounds ridiculous.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cuckoo Cuckoo

I just popped over to Wooster Collective and saw Nathan Skiles' rubber Cuckoo clocks. These are fantastic!

It reminds me of the cuckoo clock that my mother and I bought in Virginia the summer after fourth grade. We had taken a real vacation (a rare thing in my family) to Williamsburg and then spent a day at Busch Gardens. We got to the Oktoberfest section and found a great store filled with imported cuckoo clocks. My mother and I are pretty thrifty but we couldn't help but get a modest model for our home. For many years we forgot to wind it, and now, one of the chains won't pull, and the cuckoo won't sing.


Last night was the zany, "McCheeb Liberation Front" storytelling extravaganza. here's the invitation...

This Wednesday, March fourth, give or take, ten pm to sunrise am,
eastern, come join us in TH154, formerly A2, for an evening of
luxuriating in the bubble bath of imagination. We will weave our way
into past, present, and future realms of existence as we spin
Rumpelstiltskin yarns of golden threads, a la the ancient practice of
storytelling. For those of you lyrically inclined, we are fully open
to free-style poetry jamnation. Try this one on for size: a long,
long time ago, this wednesday, you stumble outside the confines of
your hovel, and find yourself lost in a murky wilderness populated
with mysterious forest creatures and craatures. One of these
creatures may or may not be a friendly talking snake, who answers
tentatively to McCheeb. He tells you the only way to save the world
is to dive down into the timeless well, into the timeless well, into
the timeless well of, hmmmm...into the timeless wells of imagination.
No, he may also be the devil. Do you listen to him?

Food, friends, intoxicants, love provided. Feel free to bring more.
Batteries NOT included.

Seriously, bring strangers.

Many hugbows,
Harrison, Jason & ‽

So, after cutting melon and pineapple, nibbling on cappuccino crackers and guacamole, I meditated a little and thought of this poem... tehehe

Have you ever seen Josh Harmon walk?
He reminds me of Pee Wee Herman.
Which makes me think that he is a cartoon.
Somehow, I can't imagine him writing poetry in cabin.

Weird night. Long night. I slept in until my first class and missed it. I did hear some beautiful stories though.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I find this so amusing. Ride the wave of environmentalism by carrying your water not in a BPA filled Nalgene but a stylish canteen!

The idea is great (check out an older post about the issues of bottled water), just the execution of this ad is humorous.

Addendum to Albums

I had totally forgot probably one of the most important albums of all time (at least of my childhood)- The Soundtrack to Wayne's World. Just look at this track listing!

1. "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen
2. "Hot And Bothered" - Cinderella
3. "Rock Candy" - Bulletboys
4. "Dream Weaver" - Gary Wright
5. "Sikamikanico" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. "Time Machine" - Black Sabbath
7. "Wayne's World Theme" - Mike Myers/Dana Carvey
8. "Ballroom Blitz" - Tia Carrerre
9. "Foxy Lady" - Jimi Hendrix
10. "Feed My Frankenstein" - Alice Cooper
11. "Ride With Yourself" - Rhino Bucket
12. "Loving Your Lovin'" - Eric Clapton
13. "Why You Wanna Break My Heart" - Tia Carrere

I used to play the percussion of "Dream Weaver" on the dashboard of our car when we'd be driving across Pennsylvania to visit my dad. On tape, this soundtrack was a necessary element of those long drives on the turnpike. We listened to it so much that the tape doesn't work anymore.

Seriously love(d) the slacker stoner movies of the late '80s and early '90s. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure? Omigod... Jon and I try and watch that movie everytime I'm home and absorb some of the *most excellent* vocabulary.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Más Allá

Esta semana es ridícula. todo que quiero es un poquito más allá- no tengo el tiempo, la sabiduría, las oportunidades, el dinero... pretextos pretextos!

mis temas para mis ensayos de ciencia política son tonterías- son simples y muy creativas pero no sé como voy a escribirlos con bastante información. Ugh, este clase es tan desorganizado que está arruinando mis intereses en el tema de 1968.

Le extraño Guy. Es difícil... como siempre.

Solo tengo esta semana y después... descanso!

Monday, March 2, 2009


25 albums that were/are fundamental to my life. Jes got me started on this. In no particular order:

1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band -Beatles
2. Magical Mystery Tour -Beatles
3. Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars -David Bowie
4. Strawberry Jam -Animal Collective
5. God Bless Your Black Heart -pAper chAse
6. The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society -Kinks
7. Man Who Sold the World -David Bowie
8. Songs for Beginners -Graham Nash
9. Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? -Unicorns
10. Tragic Kingdom- No Doubt
11. Alopecia -Why?
12. Turn on the Bright Lights -Interpol
13. Black Eyes -Black Eyes
14. Stop Making Sense -Talking Heads
15. Californication -RHCP
16. The Unsustainable Lifestyle -Beauty Pill
17. Fevers & Mirrors -Bright Eyes
18. Cryptograms -Deerhunter
19. Dandelion Gum -BMSR
20. Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord is Dead -DMST
21. Ten Summoner's Tales -Sting
22. Give Up -Postal Service
23. Different Damage -Q and not U
24. OK Computer -Radiohead
25. Fingers Crossed -AinH

honorable mentions
sigur ros in general
guerolito -beck
in the court of the crimson king -king crimson
jimi hendrix in general as well

ABC Midterm Procrastination

Phil Yamada was featured on for his great alphabet drawn on newspaper. check it.

Something else to oogle, thanks to Sneary for getting me hooked!: fantastic wax layering with great text From Keetra and another laser cut card From Keetra.

promise to start putting my own stuff up soon. lots o' work. phew!