Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Water You Serious?

In the August issue of Allure magazine, I found an interesting factoid on page 179-- "Campaign strategists found that Democrats are more apt to drink Evian, while Republicans prefer Fiji". Hmm... I wonder why? A better question may be, who cares?

*Americans drink roughly 29.3 gallons of bottled water a year that means over 8.8 BILLION gallons of bottled water total, making the US the largest consumer of bottled water followed by Mexico, 5.9 billion; China, 4.8 billion and Brazil 3.6 billion gallons. 96% of bottled water consumed in the US is domestic non-sparkling with only 2% of our bottled water being imported. All this when the United States has some of the best water treatment in the world.

I, personally, refill a glass bottle with water when I go out. At school, I keep a Nalgene of tap water in my refridgerator. Not only is drinking bottled water seemingly pointless when you think of water quality, but think of how wasteful and harmful to the environment!

Get educated people, here's a great article- Bottles, Bottles, Everywhere by Ramon Cruz

here's a fantastic quote from the article- "Tap water is delivered to homes and offices for $0.002 a gallon. Bottled water, which can cost as much per gallon as gasoline, is a thousand times more expensive."

make sure you look at netpromoguy's comment at the bottom of the article, he brings up a good point about the BPA and other chemical toxins that leak into our food, drinks, and air from plastics.

*stats from the beverage marketing corporation

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