Thursday, March 26, 2009


Last night, my computer died! well... it wouldn't boot up so it was essentially a zombie. I had to have it archived and reinstalled yesterday while I was flitting around from Josh Harmon's to class and all over the place aimlessly. Now, I am using a mostly functional computer (the tech said, "it works, but I don't know for how long." thanks, dude!).

I slept through my morning class yesterday. I figured that my health was more important than waking up and walking in damp weather (which I ended up doing all afternoon anyway). I've just been exhausted from the combination of cold medicine and actually being ill. I hate being sick. Sometimes, I even deny that I'm even sick.I have a cough, yes. It's kind of nasty. I'm getting some sinus headaches actually. I have some body aches. Shit... I am sick. I'm feeling better today, still have an overload of mucus.

More about Austin!

Thursday, we bickered for awhile trying to get ourselves to some water to swim. Jason was adamant about river tubing that cost like 12 bucks and was 45 minutes away. The real problem was that there were seven of us, and our car only fit five... Jason and Harrison were making the argument that if we (myself & geneva who were the loudest against driving so far with so many) didn't feel comfortable we didn't have to go. They made no sense since it was Geneva's car and she should have the final say. We ended up going to a local creek where all the locals go to wade. We found a nice spot where there were these large stone steps towards the water. I was putting seaweed in my hair and enjoying the cool water.

I guess the real excitement of the watering hole was the police rolling up and busting some people sitting beside us for smoking pot. I was lying, half asleep and thought that we were fucked. Some of the boys were drinking beers and got a little "no drinking in public" from the bike cops but they were all 21 so there wasn't much else they could do really. Crazy thing was, while all of this was going on, one of the dudes who was getting busted for the pot jumped into the water and ran away. The cop was really antagonistic saying shit like "very convenient that nobody knows who he was" (no one did!) and he gave Harrison a hard time for not having his id on him. In the end, the jumper distracted the cops from everyone and no one got in trouble. I wonder what did happen to the other guy though...

~ Nickie told me that she was going to sleep in the tent I had set up inside the house in the early morning when she woke up after falling asleep outside but saw Bronze spooning me with his arm around my waist. I had no idea what had happened. ~

After the whole police run in, we decided to get some barbecue from the best joint (supposedly) in town- SALT LICK. It was a little drive away (which was funny since we didn't go tubing because of the distance) and a traffic cop was at the entrance. Well, he gave us a slap on the wrist for having as he said "definitely illegal" amount of people in the car. Nevertheless, we ate some killer bbq. Salt Lick was picnic tables on end like a cafeteria and the menu was really limited. It made a lot of sense as a business model- less variety means less to keep in stock but otherwise things are in high volume and delicious! The coleslaw was amazing- not creamy but a little sesame oil and pepper. it was great. We pigged the hell out to say the least.

Jason built a small fire outside by the couches, and I think I got poison ivy from it. It was all over my face by the morning. Luckily, Nate had some scrub since he's super allergic that helps remove the oils. I think it helped because it's almost completely gone now.

Friday, we got some burritos and Harrison bought me a bottle of grapefruit soda to make me feel better. We went to a house show that was just crazy. I loved their house and all the bamboo and teepees in the backyard. the Space Cave.

I think on Wednesday night I farted accidently while coughing.

It took us a long ass time to get on the road Friday night. We stopped at the Whole Foods flagship store and loaded up. Everyone loaded up on the salad bar not realizing that it was 8 bucks a pound and not limitless. We bought something like $100 worth of provisions.

The ride home was much sleepier and gigglier that the ride down. We ran out of gas in West Virginia on our way to Geneva's dad's in Clarksburg. We slept there and woke up to amazing breakfast- biscuits and gravy, bacon, waffles, eggs & coffee. I was chatting with her stepmom Vickie and playing with the yorkies all morning before we finally started again for Vassar.

Harrison called his mom and organized a late night dinner at her house in Monticello. We made a quick stop at the site of Woodstock where we first realized the cold of the Northeast in comparison to Austin and midday W.Va. Arlen cooked us an amazing meal and we talked about books, Obama, and a future tattoo she's been thinking about.

I've got to wrap this up in a later post...


  1. F mac book pro. imac is where it's at.

  2. you THINK you farted??!!?!?!

    p.s (from nickie)