Sunday, March 8, 2009

"I'm Set Free", Again: Not Yet Sunrise

Spring has sprung promptly on the first day of spring break. I finished up on Friday and felt a wave of relief. No more bullshit deadlines for the next two weeks. Granted, I do have to do some work over break, but I'm not too worried. I'll carve out three days this week to get everything done and finished while taking it easy and getting things together.

I started working on a font. It's fairly a transitional serif, fixed width. I think I'll name it "Lawrence". I've always like the way "lawrence" sounded and looked but would never name a human child it, but a typographic child? It's definitely a lot of work and measurements, but I've never felt more accomplished as I've been working on a project. Every letter I finish is a small triumph. I'll post some updates on it soon.

I actually got to spend some real time with Rowan on friday and a little Saturday morning before she left for break. We made some chai butter cookies with choco chips. It was very experimental since we'd never used the recipe before. We've decided that once we perfect it, it will become a signature move--especially after she moves into the house next year. Oh yes, it will happen. Longstoryshort, we want to make them thin round little cookies and dip them in chocolate instead of the chips. My favorite thing about them in their infant state is how they look like a light chocolate chip kind of cookie but then you get this taste of christmas spice that is in no way overpowering.

I rented the Oliver Stone movie, W on friday night and never got to watch it. Fuck.

The weather really makes a difference. Saturday in the sun, it was perfect. Rowan and I drank lavender coffee outside sitting at a picnic table, I shared a cigarette with Geneva's mom, Pam (oh the crazy Pams in my life!), watched boys do handstands upside-down seeing them swim in the sky, trying to break the surface of hay-covered clay. I think Jason had the idea to bbq. Grilling out makes me feel sane in a weird way. Everything tastes better from the grille, and we had sooo much food. I made mac n cheese and drank a lot of tequila in the form of chilled Palomas from a Classico glass jar. Pam was definitely drinking up with me. Laughing like buffoons in the night with a lantern.

I want to run an experiment. In the experiment, I will be closer to people. Only people that are willing, of course. I'm used to nuzzling with those I care about-- my family especially. I often miss deep touch in an unromantic way. Throughout the experiment, I will note the developments in relationships and my overall mood. I think it will be ultimately fruitful. I suppose it is also to help with my lack of affection while Guy is away. I wish I could express the heaviness.

My intention for Austin was inspired by a McCheeb Libertion Front story from Rich. Que es mi poder?

It's so quiet with everyone deserting the campus for break. now, we feel like satellites instead of daisy chained.

I have to get down to visit my dad. I wish I had a car and didn't have to rely on Harrison. Annoying, like yesterday when I massaged him to sleep and am still waiting for mine in return.

There is an interesting theory developing in my life... am I imaginary? a storybook character? (keyword character) One night we decided that if anyone was a figment of someone's imagination, I was. Also, Howard (Harrison's dad) has this birthday personality book that goes into detail for each date. I've read a bunch and some aren't so accurate as I can tell... but mine seems deadly illuminating. The theme of my birthday is destiny-- I am a servant of fate and a victim to it's wile. I have a dark and light side of my personality (not to say a good and evil). Good and bad things seem to happen at random. I am resilient and creative. This fits into my "I'm imaginary" idea as destiny is a trope of storybook characters. Their futures are foretold, they are bound to the actions of the past. How would one know if they are a modern day fairytale character? hahahahahahaha... this all sounds ridiculous.

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