Tuesday, April 28, 2009


CINCO from buenos aires is some of the best design and artwork I've seen in awhile. Wowsers.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Story Arcs

I need to work on my storytelling. I know a lot of stories but haven't prepared any for telling to a crowd. Weirdly, this reminds me of my musicality. I jam with friends but can't actually play a full song. Am I too lazy to commit things to memory?

I Love Typography just started a new site called...
wait for it...
WE love typography! It's an internet cache of typographic images. Luckily enough, I was tooling around on it last night and found J. Hische. She's a fantastic artist working in a whimsical somewhat '60s aesthetic. She loves her typography, so logic says that we'd get a long just fine.

(also, she talks about zombies in this image, of course I am intrigued!)

Anyhoo... I need to write a response paper to the story "the werewolf" by angela carter. I really dug the story, her story arc was insightfully crafted.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Fever

sometimes, I wonder why I blog.

so many things go on that I hate sitting myself down and saying, ok, talk about it silly. I'm not out in the world- I'm facing a computer... a beige wall. Outside, there are couches in the woods. The trees have birthed their new bright leaves, and the weather is warm.

Spring fever.

HOWBOWT was too much. sun.

Colby biked from Smith to see Horse Feathers.

Small Sur played a late late late night set in my house. I have a crush on Bob. hehehe.

Deerhunter, last night, made my neck a pain today. I love rocking out to songs. my body doesn't.

I ate some spicy pepper tonight. I rubbed the dried fruit between my hands into my curry. Then I think I rubbed by chin because now it burns. My skin in general is burned. I have a strange blotch of white where my charm necklace is. It is my favorite necklace. You can also see a blotch where my camera strap was for part of HOWBOWT. I got some good pictures. The light was amazing.

I slept the majority of Saturday away. I wore a magnolia flower in my hair when I walked to the library during a brief period of consciousness.

I haven't spoken to Guy this week at all. I'm so nervous. I hope that I just run into his arms.

Tonight, BLADE RUNNER projected on my house.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have my two presentations today.

they both will be over in about 8 hours. THANK JESUS.

I have been existing in space somehow these past few days.

Tonight, I get to cook dinner for Horse Feathers. Interesting...

Until then, brothers and sisters, I have to keep running.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Haikus Españoles

he escrito haikus en español. me gustan. a ver:

con la luz rosa
la madrugada come
la noche triste

en su torre, no
sabe si es un cárcel
o un asilo

la hojas mueven
en humo, llevando su
mensaje al sol

el espejo que
tiene una cara
que no conoces

no finjas lo que
es ciego al pueblo
es exitoso

el patrón de la
primavera es muda
y veleidoso

no hay cangrejos
con bocas para besar
solo con pinzas

a la serena
cuando la luz es sombra
nada existe

si caminamos
vamos a encontrarnos
en una niebla

árbol encima
de mi sepultura. yo,
nuda sin caja

Monday, April 20, 2009


So... today is 420 and I celebrated last night with my house and watched HEAD. wow... love that movie.

Today, I'm faking illness so that I can skip class and print out posters for HOWBOWT. Noah is killing me, but I'm sick of talking about to myself.

at least we'll have good weather...

the presentations had better come together somehow. fuck my life.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Apr. 18th

I woke up, and Mackenzie knocked on my door. I was naked. I wrapped myself in a towel and answered the door.

So began the day.

I borrowed Marion's car even though she wasn't around, but two different people told me to do so, so I did. Mackenzie and I got some groceries and supplies for the party. I couldn't believe that I was going to spend $40 on Jose Cuervo. JC is icky but it's tequila, and their weren't any other goddamn brands cheaper.

My back was burnt by the sun yesterday.

I've very excited for the "Three Lovely Ladies with Their Three Favorite Drinks" party. A drink and some conversation? Please!

I cleaned a little of the house up and remembered that I hadn't eaten.

Now, I'm trying to get some work done before I have to make guacamole and spinach dip.

Tomorrow, I have to work so hard. I need to get both presentations on lock down.

Last night was Leah Wilkes and Noah Fowler's senior project. During Leah's dance, I cried. It was gorgeous. I was so impressed, I can't tell you. I got to go on stage and dance around with Camila. I felt like a child full of wonder at the movement and light around me.

It was warmer today than it was yesterday... the humidity has the warmth pushed down low. luckily the wind has been whipping it off our skins before it lies too long and makes us sticky.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Grab A Bruise

Last night, I jammed on the harmonica while Nat played guitar at Baby Cakes. It was really random. I was trying to get up from a nap when Harrison and Nat came looking for tobacco. Geneva bailed on Nat because she was in a deep convo with her mother and somehow, I wound up playing.

There is a theory going around that part of the reason my generation hasn't protested and demonstrated against the war, NAFTA, and a host of other issues is because of recession. The '68 explosion occurred during a time of economic strength unmatched in US history. These students had the resources and the security that they could find a job after graduation and even finance the movements they were starting. To illustrate this feeling, the feeling I have that job security is practically impossible for a college grad, check out this map of job loss and gain in the US over the past two years... I like this reasoning a lot better than, there isn't a draft to motivated us.


Thursday, April 16, 2009



look at his shit.

thanks fecal face. my mouth was hanging open the whole time I was reading the article.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Barry's Auto Emporium

omg. awesome.

Mark Fiore's take on the Obama Administration as a car dealership. Check out his other animations involving worlds leaders and the like...

Post Pascua

Jane came into my room this morning as I was waking to the noise of some weird construct equipment to tell me that they are removing the silt barrier that was behind our house fencing out the forest. I am so excited to see our yard (now just smooth topsoil) roll gently into the forest floor.

Our house watched the movie AKIRA last night. Man, it was soul draining.

I talked to a lot of fmaily yesterday since it was Easter. I did not have much of an Easter dinner comparatively. Soy dogs are not deep dish apple pie. haha... My dad was let out of the hospital for the holiday but needs to go back for another couple of weeks to receive antibiotics. I hate fucking hospitals- they make people sicker.

More great typographic design by Darren Newman here.

JK Keller blows my mind with this matchbook ASL.

GET THE REDS! DON'T LET THE COMMIES GET US. What I want to know is, what are the pins representing? I need to use that silly brainwash picture in something someday.

and now time for something completely different...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It'll Get Done Sometime

Here are my little cousins... this was probably taken about 3 years ago or so. They are such ballers. Ali and I spent a lot of time last night looking at my family on facebook, and this is what you get... (I surprisingly have a lot of family with facebook accounts, including little cousins)

This is a draft of the HOWBOWT poster I've been working on with all the info. Noah is the king of shutting me down and thinks that no one is gonna take the time to figure it out and read it. I even made it about 923434923x more legible than I usually would with all these letters. Harry as my back and wants to put them out anyway, and I'm inclined to side with him because I'm selfish and shit or whatever.

I've been listening obsessively to Latin American folk... especially Argentinian women. American folk is too twangy for me and usually really effin' depressing whereas Mexican and Argentinian folk is usually more danceable (always a plus in my life) and a little raunchy at times. Both can rally workers or sing to the plight of the poor campesino, but south of the border, it's a little more optimistic (at least superficially).

Did I mention that there was a spontaneous party on Thursday in my house? it was great! Me making dip turned into pong, flip cup, dancing, more pong, and you get the idea. There is so much love in this house that we must draw people near with our good vibes.

Now for something pretty I found---->

Saturday, April 11, 2009


while reading for class, I noticed that the article had my initials a the top. I guess John Hopkins puts out the journal MLN. Cool, but makes me wonder if someone has my initials copyrighted. Either way, it is my identity, and they can't take that away from me.

sad article about a skater being run over by a car. he was holding onto a moving car and trying to do an ollie when he fell. I'm not into the sadness though... just the funny little box linking to a description of what an ollie is... for all ye geezers not in the know. heh. Here's what they link to.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cold Buds

Spring was here. it had sprung, I swear, but now, the wind bites and the air is heavy with rain and mist.

I'm working on the new HOWBOWT poster and am REALLY loving it. I won't spill any beans yet... you'll just have to wait and see.

I don't know if I told you, but... my house is too cuddly. Garrett came out with it last night and said, "what is gonna happen when they split up the beige buddhists?" I don't wanna talk about it.

Tonight I have to watch the movie, Fresa y Chocolate to see if it's presentation worthy. This weekend will be all about goddamn movie watching and sadly, much of it will have to happen IN the library. uuugh.

Here's something Harrison found (that boy keeps showing up) that I really enjoy. Check out the combo of serif and sanserif! :

Monday, April 6, 2009

Honest Ed's Painted Signage

I love the Ministry of Type for their great collections of classic design and other odds and ends. They praised the hand painted signs at Honest Ed's of Toronto, so I thought I'd check out more images from Flickr... here are some of my favorites...

sorry for the bitty one!

weird national references, ey? I don't know what to really say...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ramp House

I wish I could give this house to all my buddies back home so they could play some serious games of SKATE without even leaving the house. Check out more of this skateable house.

the weather was so gorgeous out this afternoon and cesareo cancelled class! hooray!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


things have been crazy starting the publicity campaign for HOWBOWT. Noah hasn't been sleeping or eating enough and it's taking it's toll.

This weekend, I hope it rains because I have a lot to focus on that isn't frolicking in grass under blue skies. Hopefully, I can get some stuff for my spanish presentation, my media studies presentation and HOWBOWT done. I guess I should do my actual daily homework at some point too. fuck.

It feels like ages since I've spoken to Guy. It has to have been at least two weeks since our last random Skype encounter. I miss him. I miss touch.

The co-op decided on our new wave of housemates for next year. I'm freaking out because Rowan is on the cusp. We have a four-way tie and three spots. I'm so nervous about it that I can tell it's affecting my interactions with her since we sent out the notices. I don't know what to do because I was so assuring to her, and I can't even calm myself about it, right now.

I sent my camera out today for repair. Hopefully, I'll hear from them the beginning of next week and have my baby back by the end of the following week. It was really hard to write on the service form "pre-approved repair cost- $200". It was a knife to the gut. BUUUT, I can't afford a new camera or a new lense. I'll have to just make my camera pay for itself this summer by selling shit.

I made the lousiest version of my banging black bean soup ever tonight. The worst part is that I made a SHIT TON of it.