Sunday, March 29, 2009

Austin Finito

to finish up Austin...

I forgot another thing from Austin- LADIES NIGHT!!!!!! Nickie, Geneva and I went out on the town after Salt Lick to get a little drunky and see what was happening. The bus driver was awesome, telling about his move to Austin and being very helpful. We stopped by Hideout, a coffee shop that Nate said was the least pretentious cup of coffee and instead recieved the weakest coffees of our lives. Geneva and I even asked for double shots, and it was like drinking warm milk. The second place we went was "Darwin's" for Geneva. We had a quick tequilla shot and moved on to a little bar with a funk band playing and a lot of very drunk people. We hung out there for a few songs then went to Maggie Mae's. Hahaha! When giving my id to the bouncer, I said "I'm a Maggie!" He smiled and gave me my id back. We got a drink (a very strong drink) and looked out over the street from the rooftop. Man, 6th street was a shit show. There were bums and hipsters waking through the littered streets. A pizza shop across the street was bustling with red lights and punked out servers.

After Maggie Mae's, we just walked around a bit looking for a final drink even though it was about 1 in the morning already. We sat by a small creek that ran through the neighborhood singing and talking about so many things... until Jason and Harrison picked us up after hanging with Jason's brother.

When we were about ten minutes from Arlen's (Harrison's childhood) house, we got pulled over and Harrison got a ticket for going 55 in a 40 on a back road. The whole trip we had weird associations with cops but never a legit ticket. Well... then we were on our way to vassar and someone started following Harrison. They followed us all the way to the train station where Jason needed to pick up his car. This dude pulls up beside us with his window rolled down and begins to berate us about driving 95. He said that there are eyes watching or some shit. I figure he was an off-duty cop with a power trip acting creepier than I think he needed to be.

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