Saturday, March 14, 2009


Breck is my dear friend and a fab fotografo.

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  1. maggie, thank you. i've been thinking about you a lot lately. esp since emily has had you on the brain a lot too, well, i think she always has you on the brain.

    i hope you have the greatest time in austin. it all sounds like so much fun. take as many pictures as possible for me and for safe keeping.

    i will try to get justin's pants to stop calling you. for some reason you are speed dial numero five? i found that quite amusing. when you come home for the summer you MUST cut justin's hair. i have straight bangs again (i used to have them such a long time ago), i'm hoping they grow out soon. i'll need a trim by the time you get back too.

    how's school been going?

    love/miss you much.