Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Want To Be A Child

when I was first drawing this, one of the girls I babysit asked me if it was true. I said, "sometimes".

copper plate etching with black etching ink and spray.

Aquí Reunimos

My first copper plate etching!

with black, orange and ultramarine etching ink.

based on this sketch from "religion and sexuality":


ooh... oooh... fuck yes. but seriously, lindsay lohan?

In The Circle- the event

in THe Circle was a huge success. Just have a look:


Finally! the spray version is here! I prefer it over the reduction block version.

linoleum block with black etching ink and blue, orange and green spray.


When I was making my book on the Five Chinese Elements, I started giving the proof prints to friends depending on from which I thought they could benefit. By having the colors and symbols of the elements nearby, one can help keep the elements present in themselves in balance.

I made this especially for Rowan:

woodblock on rice paper with warm black etching ink and blue, forest green, yellow and mauve spray.

75th Town Park Pool Anniversary


another version:

woodblock on rice paper with black etching ink and green spray.

Querido Gallo

I took the best haiku I've ever written and made it into a woodblock print. Here are it's incarnations:

woodblock on rice paper with black etching ink and red spray
or on stonehenge with black, red and yellow etching ink.

Five Chinese Elements

here are the guts to a book I've been working on relating the five Chinese elements. as you turn the pages you are seen how the elements flow together- creating and destroying each other. The colors represent the power colors for the elements, the symbols are their Chinese names and the heads are my attempts to illustrate how each element expresses itself in nature and through our natures.

Our Psychic Connection

Here's a book I made inspired by the "psychic" practicing I was doing with Rowan and Katie. You'd be surprised how accurate one can be.

wood block on rice paper with spray paint and black etching ink. I used a new nappier rice paper that was gorgeous for some other prints but I was unsatisfied with how the spray laid. it seemed to seep through easier and there was no sheen to the sprayed side. bummer. another time.

At Some Point, I Went to Georgia

Matt's family is awesome. I should have taken more pictures, especially of the amazing pizza Matt and I made for his family when they got back from the beach. My only complaint about Georgia? It's too fucking hot.

this picture got me the nickname "cul-de-sac nazi" when their neighbors thought I was trying to enforce the "no parking on the street" rule. dumb rule. I just liked the silver hydrant.