Friday, May 22, 2009


Army Terminators Walk Like Men
<-freaky on so many levels.

omigod BBC news. seriously?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Senior Week

I have been a lazy crazy wanderin' fool these past few days with nothing to do but sit and chill or read or draw. I felt so listless at first. The build-up from finals left my blood a sludge, my body crippled from the missing weight of papers and shitty mids. Yesterday, I didn't exactly fast, but I wasn't seeking food either. I barely ate more than a few bites and started to feel cleansed.

We've been a roving band of minstrels, barely parting from the music we've been creating with hands, drums and voices.

There is an odd mood around campus- it's quiet and the sun is warm spotlight on the coming summer. We know that time is running out. We make our final plans wondering the next time we'll meet again. But the possibilities are endless once we leave and let go of Vassar.

And to think I'll be here another year. Another year of not quite fitting but nevertheless enjoying.

Last night, I led Katie around. We found a bowl, a pool, swung on a hammock, played with my lightsaber (on my iPhone), ran around, laughed (or cackled rather), jumped on trampolines, and at the end of the night, after we had lost and found each other a millions times, I came home to Katie in my bed, staring at the posters on my walls. She especially liked Jon's painting.

The weather has been impecable. It's unbelievably sunny, hot yet dry and breezy. The nights are cool but nothing a flannel won't temper.

The idea of packing and cleaning this house is frightening.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Silliness- Photography

Here's some photography that I've been digging...

Malick Sidibé, African photographer from the '50s, '60s & '70s.

Patrick Griffin. great scenes.

my dear friend KT is a pretty great portrait photographer. I love these of our friends jason and jon.

After I finished all my finals yesteday, I started working on Lowry's final! We've been drawing the adventures of St. Brendan in the style of a high contrast graphic novel. It's looking sweet! I'll try to add pictures soon.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Almost Final

My friend Karin is the bomb. She knows what's up. I've got six pages down and as many as is necessary to go. (so like two/three?) THEN I AM FREE SO FREE SO FREE!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'm pretty much in love with Under Consideration's great new blog, Department of Design. They'll take you through their design process for various projects. Check this one out for this year's TypeCon. The video is amazing for explaining how they arrived at the identity and logo concept.

Really, everyone should check out all of Under Consideration's blogs... they are great and really helpful for designers.

I finished compiling and revising my poetry portfolio today. here's a poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago...


a pinkish white
tree turns periwinkle
in the almost twilight dim
where the smiling
moon hangs from
the crooked silhouettes
of taller,
deadened trees
in the small patch of woodland
obscuring sunset.

Magenta is lit
and becomes hazel
golden casting mottled
shadows above our feet
powdered in charcoal ash
as fingers press
our hidden wounds.

is in the sweet
green air tonight
as it laps
our barren skin.
We rest
our weightless heads
below limbs and
near the earth
seeing the very
same image
grow and shimmer
in our sleeping minds.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gotta Go Cook Dinner Now

So... my class (Aesthetics and Marginality in Latin America) got an extension for our final papers, and of course, as soon as I found out, I stopped working altogether and have a page and a half of ten written. I worked all day yesterday reading various books that all sort of said the same thing. I wish I would have kept on schedule so I could be pretty much finished with the paper at this point instead of... at the beginning of the actual writing process.

But, in my procrastination had watched several episodes of the Office and was introduced to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I've been cooking some garbanzo beans for the past day and a half waiting for them to get soft enough to make hummus. oi.

here are some links for you to enjoy-

Polaroid Showing in NYC

My Alma Mater Fires Another Pervert
(thanks for showing me this, Jes)

The Only NY Times Article that Tries to Present Mexico in an Accurate Light (I get really pissed that all the articles on Latin America in the Times all refer to drugs, deaths, and corruption exclusively... I could go on forever about this)

David Shrigley's Photos


German No-Car Suburbs

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What's Up

super funny video with money having sex

yeah, that's what I said.

Dinner at Lisa's was nice. I had my second hamburger ever! I love getting to chat with her and hear all the crazy things she's up to. Katie Hite was also there. I was kind of surprised that she actually requested me to be the academic intern for LALS. Not necessarily because I wouldn't be good at it or whatever... just, I wasn't sure if she liked me very much after the beginning of the semester when I asked for the extension at the last minute, then harrassed her about our midterm...


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thomas Allen

by Thomas Allen

I swear that I'm actually getting a little bit of work done. My usual, one page per hour has stagnated to 1 page per 1 1/3 hours (3 every 4 particularly). My current problem is finding out why exactly the Native Networks website considers Saul Landau's film The Sixth Sun: Mayan Uprising in Chiapas a film produced by indigenous people. hmmm....

Someone's Grandma

didn't do a damned thing today. well, nothing on my paper but two haircuts and some stick and poke (on my left wrist). and throwing football. and talked to my mom. tomorrow. yeah... tomorrow's just a day away... or tomorrow never dies. or tomorrow never comes. whichever. but tomorrow I'll do some work because on sunday, I'm going for bbq at lisa paravisini's house!! hooray! I'm sure I'll get to talking with her about my independent study. a lot will be different next year.

to follow up on a link from previous post...
Cincinnati's Superhero

Friday, May 8, 2009

Scarlett Coten

I was moving around my favorite photography sites (this time lens culture) and really was taken by Scarlett Coten's diptychs from Egypt. This photo especially was my favorite. I love the similar blues and reds as well as how the the line created by the red rag(?) on the car dashboard is continued in the second image.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gross National Happiness

While reading the NYT, I came across this article on Bhutan which has recently restructured it's government to function based on the Gross National Happiness. Wow... what a novel idea... the government's goal would be to make sure it's people are happy...

read the article here

I finished one of my papers today. I feel good about myself. Now, I'm bored. No one that I'm particularly inclined to hang out with are hanging out. they have work. I guess I could get a jump start but that sounds lame. I should watch a movie or something. This is when I wish I had a partner in crime. or a good lay. hahah.

I recently thought about getting another bachelor's degree after Vassar. The design program at Carnegie Mellon looks pretty cool, especially since it has a big typography component and it's in Pittsburgh. The problem is, they don't offer scholarships or grants to students seeking a second degree. I could get up to two years worth of credit from my Vassar degree, but since I haven't really taken art classes here, I doubt a lot would go towards my major. So... like three years of hefty loans? fuck my life! I think I'm going to schedule a meeting this summer to talk about it. BLAH...

superheros and supervillians?


facebook quizzes crack me up.

Also, this joke from the New Yorker is actually funny... someone told it in my composition class-

what do you have when there are two nuts on your chest?
what do you have when there are two nuts on your wall?
what do you have when there are two nuts on your chin?

a dick in your mouth!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beginning of the End

Hooray for Jane who found my sketchbook at the Media Cloisters! I had a dream the other day that my sketchbook floated up in front of my face... it must have been from Jane's point of view because she said her boss just picked it up right in front of her. She called me in the middle of my composition class today, and when I said, "I'm in class. I'll call you back;" she said, "I found your sketchbook". I got all excited and interrupted class more than I should have, I guess. I knew it would come back to me!

doesn't this sound terrible? or at least a carb overload? I would be bloated for a week.

Today, I had my last class as a junior at Vassar. Wow... now, I need to get my ass in gear and write some papers.

here's the plan:
Tomorrow- don't sleep all day, finish 1968 paper.
Thursday/Friday- research & outline Indigenous and Oppositional Media (I &OM) paper
Saturday/Sunday- write I&OM paper
Monday- turn in 1968 and I&OM papers, research for Aesthetics & Marginality in Latin America (A&M) paper
Tuesday- finish research & outline A&M paper
Wednesday/Thursday- write A&M paper
Friday- turn in A&M paper, CHILL THE F OUT.
Saturday- CHILL.
Sunday- assemble Comp portfolio.
Monday- turn in Comp portfolio... proceed to chill out because I AM DONE!!!

I got to talk to Guy today. I almost missed him because I've been sleeping the days away. It's weird to talk to him and say I love yous when I had a sex dream last night, and it wasn't him I was with. I don't know what to really make of the dream itself. It was weird enough that it might have some nuggets of meaning for me... or maybe I'm just making it up. There were some pretty amazing stairs in it though.

Dom DeLuise!

May you rest in peace oh hilarious hilarious man!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Post Founder's Day

Lowry said that the magical phrase of the day was "Happy Founder's Day". A day to drink, dance, roll around in the dandelion grass(gum) and find yourself sitting on a roof watching fireworks.

Some great images from the long long day:

It's the beginning of the day and I've cut the bottom of my foot while climbing a tree. Now, I have to get down and have a weird fear of intermediate heights. That's right. I don't might planes, sky scrapers or really high high things- just the heights where one easily jumps down to the ground from... like the tree branch I'm sitting on. Jane and Mike are trying to convince me to jump when Dan Combs, dressed in white comes over, reaches out and says, I'll right, come on. I jump down and all is fine.

BOYS IN DRESSES. reed, noah, harry and harrison- those dresses! reed looked like a giant child in a big flowered muumuu stomping around drunker than shit. harrison seemed to assume Fern's identity and was flicking the skirt around all day.

Jordan Stone began to cry during Buffalo Drive's set because he loved them so much. tehehe. adorable!

I found Rowan's cellphone!

Austin, Spencer, Rachel and Isa's declarations of love and admiration.

Watching fireworks on a rooftop.

Noah's birthday cake.

Kevin showing up. (Gowen yesterday, Bystrom on Thursday or something)

Sita Sings the Blues

Harrison using me as a pillow.