Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

So, it started out a pretty good day. I got to sleep in a little bit, took my time getting ready, picked up Jake to go to Ikea and Quaker Steak and Lube. We had a really great time checking out Ikea and pretending the set-ups were our apartments. I ended up getting two really cheap shelves and some stuff for the kitchen. I hope we have like actual cooking stuff... you know, like maybe a mixing bowl.

It started to snow on our way over to Quaker Steak where we had some awesome food. It was really nice to hang out with just Jake. I like having alone time with people. It's hard to connect when there are a bunch of other people hanging out too. I really like having personal conversations with people because, I feel that's the only way to really get to know someone. I don't consider people that I only know superficially close friends. I like to try and understand people's viewpoints, especially if I become friends with them. It's essential, I think, to understand the people around you because then you can accept their behavior because you know where it's coming from.

Well, the roads were pretty slushy/snowy on the highway with people driving as slow as 30 mph in some areas. I got Jake up his hill in second gear with a little trouble but nothing too scary. I parked at the top of the hill and decided to wait a little at his place so the snow and ice could melt when I saw the salt truck come around. When I went to leave, I stupidly tried a different road than I was used to because I thought it would take me to the least steep hill without having to turn around. Well, I soon realized that I was wrong and turned on a cross street to turn around or see if it lead me where I wanted. As I put my front end on a downslope of snow, I realized it was a driveway and not a way out. I tried to back up, but half my car was on a sheet of thick ice. I tried and tried and even had Jake's dad come down with salt and kitty litter to try, but we couldn't get out of the driveway.

Finally, I called AAA and went back to Jake's to wait for the tow truck. I was kinda freaking out the whole time this was happening and my mom was sounding super pissed while we were on the phone. It just sucked because she had the whole, "I told you thing" on her side... but honestly, other than that driveway- the roads were perfectly fine.

The story continues...

I'm sitting at Jake's watching top chef and my mom calls to say the bitchiest cop in town was called to my car because the people whose driveway I was stuck in tried to come home. I guess he talked to my mom and he dropped the citation. Well, while I was waiting for his call, the tow truck came. I walked down with Jake, and it was a simple job to get me out. Neighbors were waiting by my car and said that earlier a water line had broken causing the ice. My effin' luck.

Driving home was a cinch after that and I stayed inside...

While I was making myself some perogies for dinner, I pulled out a custard dish from the cabinet to put some bbq sauce in... I turn to put the dish on the counter, and I hear- CRASH! A class juicer fell from the top shelf and shattered all over the floor. I got a little sliver stuck in my finger while I was trying to clean it up. Again, my effin' luck.

I was so riled up that I had a little heated discussion with my mom about how she and my papa are probably going to stay the night in my new house at Vassar since they don't want to have to pay for a hotel room nor drive back to pittsburgh from poughkeepsie that day (it's a 9 hour drive). I understand the situation, but it's gonna really suck. I would like to hang out in my room that night with friends and do my own thing. Let alone telling a couple of my new housemates (who I probably have never met) that it's going to be a quiet saturday/first night back since my mom and grandpa will be staying over. It's just a weird situation to be in. uuugh

Well, I know I get anxious and worked up when shit like this happens, but I always know that bad/stressful things happen to me right before AWESOME things happen, so I guess I'll take it. Thanks karma.

Had a good conversation with my dad tonight. I miss him. I wish the past year hadn't happened to him.

Last night, I had a dream that Jason and I were flirting like mad. Also, Missy wouldn't tell us who she had gotten married to, so I knew it was Miles. UGH. WEIRD ASS DREAMS. At least I got to fly a helicopter.

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