Monday, January 12, 2009

La Empieza

I am mostly packed to go back to school. Weird. I hate seeing most of my clothes all jammed in my suitcase and a trunk full of other bs for the co-op I'll be moving into on Saturday. Soon, I'll have to dismantle the decorations in my room and remove my toiletries and whatnot from my vanity and the bathroom. I'm always stuck in awkward time periods of transition from one locale to another... with "home" usually being the place where I spend the least amount of time. It's more like a warehouse that happens to be located near my family and friends, disregard my childhood spent there.

Meanwhile, I'm getting seriously worried that all my stuff won't fit in the car (my papa's blue boat-like sedan). At least I don't fly to school where a crammed car would be the least of my worries.

At least I don't have any cavities either.

Jake had me buy and drop off a pack of cigarettes for him while he was working at Starfucks. The big news is that he now has a stalker. Someone sent a letter to his work saying that he hopes oneday fate will bring them together and inclosed was a ring with the word "fate" on it. It was signed "Preston". They called the cops, but not much can really be done with just a Pittsburgh postmarked letter. I joked that Jake was popular... he quipped, "only with weirdos". I hope nothing happens and this all blows over.

After I dropped the ciggies off with Jake, I went to Jon's to watch "Endgame" by Alex Jones . It's about the New World Order. Spooky, ey? I try to take things with a grain of salt, and I'm not one for conspiracies, but the documentary introduced me to a lot of disturbing things like the Bilderberg Group and the widespread Eugenics programs that existed in the US and abroad. I already new about the sterilization of Native people in the US and of course the Holocaust and Chinese genocides, but I didn't know that my own state had eugenics policy. I believe that Vassar has a building originally built for the advancement of Eugenics... I'll double check for you. Will there ever be a true one world gov't? I don't think I'll see it in my lifetime, but it's definitely a possibility. What I do know is capitalism has given life to these possibilities. In my personal view, capitalism is the root of our worldly problems because we are taught to seek individual advancement and wealth regardless of how we might better and enrich our communities. This applies to a global level.

Noah called me tonight about heading publicity for a project he and Harry cooked up- a two day music festival bridging the campuses of Vassar and Wesleyan. I agreed and was really impressed how my advice about school organization inclusion was answered by Noah with, "yep, already did." I'm excited to see where this goes and how successful or unsuccessful it becomes. What this means more generally for me though is, I have a pretty full plate this semester so I had better get on my A game and start running right out the gates.

I told Noah that our motto is "have fun and get shit done". Isn't that what it should be about? No use in half-baked projects.

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