Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Calm Before the Storm

I woke up and didn't realize it had snowed. It was one of those startled realizations when I was checking things online and kept seeing references to snow and whatnot. Needless to say, winter has arrived but I still have this silent hope that there will be another crazy warm period like there was last year over winter break, but then again, we didn't see snow until Valentine's day.

The weekend was a slow one. You can already see the cold keeping people indoors not willing to venture for the party crawl/search. I've never been that into it but it's even less appealing when you have to walk for fifteen minutes in the cold- especially if you aren't sure if something is going on or not. I miss the warmer weather. I'm not talking summertime heat, just like 50° at night- 70° during the day. Perfect!

I can't wait for the semester to end, but I have so many bullshit trifles to take care of before then. I can't wait until I'm done being a treasurer and have to apply for JYA. Almost done, though. Almost done.

My goals for when I get home are as such:
find a job
work at said job
read anthro theory book
learn the harmonica
practice my bass and sax
make some clothes
make a book
write more poetry
record some music
get my tattoo!!

stuff I have to do before I get home:
JYA proposal
ideal budget form
10 page psych paper
history final
linguistics final
faulkner response

two weeks left.

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