Friday, December 7, 2007

Final Time

classes ended officially today. I cannot believe that Palmer put on such a show to try and squeeze some pitiful good evaluations from us. it was CARAZY. we had to do a call and response randomly with our eyes closed- "We are all together sitting in this room". Excuse me? Long story short, she got the worst review I've ever given. I am so glad to be free from that class. All that's left is the stupid paper that I have to write. FUCK. I don't have a lick of research collected or processed. I'm thinking all of Sunday will be research and organization of the paper then monday and tuesday will be time to write and edit before it's due on Wednesday. In the meantime, I have to write my History final. So far so good. I need to try and get one of the essays (the final is a two parter) mostly done tonight so that tomorrow all I have to do is write like a page and a half and then write the other one. Welcome to the work zone. I'll be here until Wednesday at 445 most likely.

I've been working obsessively on a code. I'm really trying to make it sophisticated and evolved. Karin better love it.

The snow has already started. I can't believe it. We didn't get snow until Valentine's last year. WTF.

Catalyst is out, and I think people have really liked it. I'm sure there are some people who think it's lame, but I don't really care about them. hahah. Just one less stressor in my life.

I can't wait until I'm done with these papers so I can rearrange my room. I've got a pretty good set up in mind and I'm just itching to start. I think it'll really help to create a more cohesive hang out area/ better section off the room. The flow is just lacking right now.

Can't wait to get home!

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