Saturday, December 15, 2007


this week has been pretty chilled out, I suppose. I got my papers written and turned in with time to spare on wednesday, and I've been rearranging the room slowly since. the new arrangement, I think, will really enable exponentially greater chilling. heh. it already has.

I jammed with dan and andres yesterday. that was nice. I love to jam. mmm. I have been missing a lot of things from home and one of them is the jamming aspect. that and the art, but I did just pull out the watercolors yesterday. I guess the moral of the story is, do the things you like and don't wait for other people to do them with you.

it snowed almost a foot yesterday. it was magical.

I had this huge blowout today. I felt bad that the only person who really got the whole shpeel was Maggie and Mike only heard me allude to the unhappiness... but well... whatever. I leave on tuesday.

next semester will be better, I think. even better.

oh, and I got really drunk at my professor's house off nice white wine. amen.

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