Friday, December 21, 2007

BLAH (bleck)

my blog has deteriorated into meaningless bullshit. that poem was sooo crappy about the pen. that pen does have a lot of sentimental value but not to warrant such a dribble of "so many ways". My brain has been haywire and I'm not sure if there is a cure or if it's some passing phase called "burned the fuck out". I guess that I just need some mental exercise. You know, get limber so I can go the distance in the vocabulary olympics next semester. I'll be in a class with so many people that I know that I need to stay on my game, you know make a good impression on my friends. friends. heh.

I can't wait to go to xalapa. shellaca.

the v-friends are retarded. it's come to my attention that the proper course of action is a slow and effective phasing out of group activity. it's just sad and disappointing. individual attention is ok. the other option is sort of queer because I feel kinda like that way older person that still hangs out with the kiddies. but, i guess that I'm just being a little silly. Damn it feels good to be back though. "A breath of fresh fucking air" is all I have to say. My mom and I are better than ever, and the friends are like a comfortable sweater- warm, fuzzy, not to tight but not too loosey goosey, dependable, makes you feel good just to wear, just your taste. oh the simile.

new glasses make the world go round. mr. mcgoo.

Going to the dentist equaled three things today- three cavities (that's one item in the list, mind you), more praise for xalapa, and a possible summer job. what is that job, you ask? babysitting my dentist's three young children. oh, the joy. They've known me forever, I'd practice spanish with them, I love kids, and I'm fun! woo! cutting it down to the bottom line, the mother and father are both successful dentists and that means getting well paid. I'm sure I'll cry and moan about it when/if I actually am doing it, but I love kids a whole lot and that's a nice job for the summer. no effin' taxes either.

my bowl broke. my watch broke. jes says it comes in threes and that is frightening.

now starts the projects- anthro theory book, purse, skirt, artwork, ep? what next?

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