Thursday, November 29, 2007


Catalyst is almost done!! so happy!! The semester is almost over, and I can't wait to get home already! i just have to get stupid JYA shit together. That's my only worry at the moment. Maybe I should be paying more attention to the presentation I have to give tomorrow that I haven't started. ho hum.

Spent some alone time with the boy last night. It was nice to just be friends. I mean, it would be nicer if we were more but I'll accept what I can get because we do make good friends. again, ho hum.

wrote a poem today in faulkner lecture about this crazy feeling I had while I was at my dad's.

it's a sudden recognition-
the feeling of inertia pulling at your atoms
momentum shifting, waking you from a moving slumber.
waiting for impact,
I free my hands from my pockets,
grip my possessions thinking I could save them.
waiting for the crunch of metal,
the snapping and twisting of structure
like bumper cars and battering rams.
just beyond the bend I'll see the lights in my window
limbs flailing like ribbons in the wind.
but the vision was second handed
before me is wreckage and I am still moving.

yeah, I had this vision of a car hitting us broad side and it felt real. it was crazy, but then we turned around the bend in the road and there was a fairly fresh wreck at the intersection. weird!!

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  1. "like bumper cars and battering rams" i like that line.