Thursday, May 21, 2009

Senior Week

I have been a lazy crazy wanderin' fool these past few days with nothing to do but sit and chill or read or draw. I felt so listless at first. The build-up from finals left my blood a sludge, my body crippled from the missing weight of papers and shitty mids. Yesterday, I didn't exactly fast, but I wasn't seeking food either. I barely ate more than a few bites and started to feel cleansed.

We've been a roving band of minstrels, barely parting from the music we've been creating with hands, drums and voices.

There is an odd mood around campus- it's quiet and the sun is warm spotlight on the coming summer. We know that time is running out. We make our final plans wondering the next time we'll meet again. But the possibilities are endless once we leave and let go of Vassar.

And to think I'll be here another year. Another year of not quite fitting but nevertheless enjoying.

Last night, I led Katie around. We found a bowl, a pool, swung on a hammock, played with my lightsaber (on my iPhone), ran around, laughed (or cackled rather), jumped on trampolines, and at the end of the night, after we had lost and found each other a millions times, I came home to Katie in my bed, staring at the posters on my walls. She especially liked Jon's painting.

The weather has been impecable. It's unbelievably sunny, hot yet dry and breezy. The nights are cool but nothing a flannel won't temper.

The idea of packing and cleaning this house is frightening.

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