Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gotta Go Cook Dinner Now

So... my class (Aesthetics and Marginality in Latin America) got an extension for our final papers, and of course, as soon as I found out, I stopped working altogether and have a page and a half of ten written. I worked all day yesterday reading various books that all sort of said the same thing. I wish I would have kept on schedule so I could be pretty much finished with the paper at this point instead of... at the beginning of the actual writing process.

But, in my procrastination had watched several episodes of the Office and was introduced to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I've been cooking some garbanzo beans for the past day and a half waiting for them to get soft enough to make hummus. oi.

here are some links for you to enjoy-

Polaroid Showing in NYC

My Alma Mater Fires Another Pervert
(thanks for showing me this, Jes)

The Only NY Times Article that Tries to Present Mexico in an Accurate Light (I get really pissed that all the articles on Latin America in the Times all refer to drugs, deaths, and corruption exclusively... I could go on forever about this)

David Shrigley's Photos


German No-Car Suburbs

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