Sunday, May 3, 2009

Post Founder's Day

Lowry said that the magical phrase of the day was "Happy Founder's Day". A day to drink, dance, roll around in the dandelion grass(gum) and find yourself sitting on a roof watching fireworks.

Some great images from the long long day:

It's the beginning of the day and I've cut the bottom of my foot while climbing a tree. Now, I have to get down and have a weird fear of intermediate heights. That's right. I don't might planes, sky scrapers or really high high things- just the heights where one easily jumps down to the ground from... like the tree branch I'm sitting on. Jane and Mike are trying to convince me to jump when Dan Combs, dressed in white comes over, reaches out and says, I'll right, come on. I jump down and all is fine.

BOYS IN DRESSES. reed, noah, harry and harrison- those dresses! reed looked like a giant child in a big flowered muumuu stomping around drunker than shit. harrison seemed to assume Fern's identity and was flicking the skirt around all day.

Jordan Stone began to cry during Buffalo Drive's set because he loved them so much. tehehe. adorable!

I found Rowan's cellphone!

Austin, Spencer, Rachel and Isa's declarations of love and admiration.

Watching fireworks on a rooftop.

Noah's birthday cake.

Kevin showing up. (Gowen yesterday, Bystrom on Thursday or something)

Sita Sings the Blues

Harrison using me as a pillow.

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