Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'm pretty much in love with Under Consideration's great new blog, Department of Design. They'll take you through their design process for various projects. Check this one out for this year's TypeCon. The video is amazing for explaining how they arrived at the identity and logo concept.

Really, everyone should check out all of Under Consideration's blogs... they are great and really helpful for designers.

I finished compiling and revising my poetry portfolio today. here's a poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago...


a pinkish white
tree turns periwinkle
in the almost twilight dim
where the smiling
moon hangs from
the crooked silhouettes
of taller,
deadened trees
in the small patch of woodland
obscuring sunset.

Magenta is lit
and becomes hazel
golden casting mottled
shadows above our feet
powdered in charcoal ash
as fingers press
our hidden wounds.

is in the sweet
green air tonight
as it laps
our barren skin.
We rest
our weightless heads
below limbs and
near the earth
seeing the very
same image
grow and shimmer
in our sleeping minds.

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