Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beginning of the End

Hooray for Jane who found my sketchbook at the Media Cloisters! I had a dream the other day that my sketchbook floated up in front of my face... it must have been from Jane's point of view because she said her boss just picked it up right in front of her. She called me in the middle of my composition class today, and when I said, "I'm in class. I'll call you back;" she said, "I found your sketchbook". I got all excited and interrupted class more than I should have, I guess. I knew it would come back to me!

doesn't this sound terrible? or at least a carb overload? I would be bloated for a week.

Today, I had my last class as a junior at Vassar. Wow... now, I need to get my ass in gear and write some papers.

here's the plan:
Tomorrow- don't sleep all day, finish 1968 paper.
Thursday/Friday- research & outline Indigenous and Oppositional Media (I &OM) paper
Saturday/Sunday- write I&OM paper
Monday- turn in 1968 and I&OM papers, research for Aesthetics & Marginality in Latin America (A&M) paper
Tuesday- finish research & outline A&M paper
Wednesday/Thursday- write A&M paper
Friday- turn in A&M paper, CHILL THE F OUT.
Saturday- CHILL.
Sunday- assemble Comp portfolio.
Monday- turn in Comp portfolio... proceed to chill out because I AM DONE!!!

I got to talk to Guy today. I almost missed him because I've been sleeping the days away. It's weird to talk to him and say I love yous when I had a sex dream last night, and it wasn't him I was with. I don't know what to really make of the dream itself. It was weird enough that it might have some nuggets of meaning for me... or maybe I'm just making it up. There were some pretty amazing stairs in it though.

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  1. that pasta bowl deal looks repulsive. i keep seeing it on commercials and i keep getting grossed out.

    you sound like busy busy bee.
    thinking of you.