Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gross National Happiness

While reading the NYT, I came across this article on Bhutan which has recently restructured it's government to function based on the Gross National Happiness. Wow... what a novel idea... the government's goal would be to make sure it's people are happy...

read the article here

I finished one of my papers today. I feel good about myself. Now, I'm bored. No one that I'm particularly inclined to hang out with are hanging out. they have work. I guess I could get a jump start but that sounds lame. I should watch a movie or something. This is when I wish I had a partner in crime. or a good lay. hahah.

I recently thought about getting another bachelor's degree after Vassar. The design program at Carnegie Mellon looks pretty cool, especially since it has a big typography component and it's in Pittsburgh. The problem is, they don't offer scholarships or grants to students seeking a second degree. I could get up to two years worth of credit from my Vassar degree, but since I haven't really taken art classes here, I doubt a lot would go towards my major. So... like three years of hefty loans? fuck my life! I think I'm going to schedule a meeting this summer to talk about it. BLAH...

superheros and supervillians?

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