Monday, April 27, 2009

Story Arcs

I need to work on my storytelling. I know a lot of stories but haven't prepared any for telling to a crowd. Weirdly, this reminds me of my musicality. I jam with friends but can't actually play a full song. Am I too lazy to commit things to memory?

I Love Typography just started a new site called...
wait for it...
WE love typography! It's an internet cache of typographic images. Luckily enough, I was tooling around on it last night and found J. Hische. She's a fantastic artist working in a whimsical somewhat '60s aesthetic. She loves her typography, so logic says that we'd get a long just fine.

(also, she talks about zombies in this image, of course I am intrigued!)

Anyhoo... I need to write a response paper to the story "the werewolf" by angela carter. I really dug the story, her story arc was insightfully crafted.

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  1. you me jake and emily, jam sessions this summer in the woods
    at my grandparents. yeh digg?