Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Fever

sometimes, I wonder why I blog.

so many things go on that I hate sitting myself down and saying, ok, talk about it silly. I'm not out in the world- I'm facing a computer... a beige wall. Outside, there are couches in the woods. The trees have birthed their new bright leaves, and the weather is warm.

Spring fever.

HOWBOWT was too much. sun.

Colby biked from Smith to see Horse Feathers.

Small Sur played a late late late night set in my house. I have a crush on Bob. hehehe.

Deerhunter, last night, made my neck a pain today. I love rocking out to songs. my body doesn't.

I ate some spicy pepper tonight. I rubbed the dried fruit between my hands into my curry. Then I think I rubbed by chin because now it burns. My skin in general is burned. I have a strange blotch of white where my charm necklace is. It is my favorite necklace. You can also see a blotch where my camera strap was for part of HOWBOWT. I got some good pictures. The light was amazing.

I slept the majority of Saturday away. I wore a magnolia flower in my hair when I walked to the library during a brief period of consciousness.

I haven't spoken to Guy this week at all. I'm so nervous. I hope that I just run into his arms.

Tonight, BLADE RUNNER projected on my house.

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