Sunday, April 12, 2009

It'll Get Done Sometime

Here are my little cousins... this was probably taken about 3 years ago or so. They are such ballers. Ali and I spent a lot of time last night looking at my family on facebook, and this is what you get... (I surprisingly have a lot of family with facebook accounts, including little cousins)

This is a draft of the HOWBOWT poster I've been working on with all the info. Noah is the king of shutting me down and thinks that no one is gonna take the time to figure it out and read it. I even made it about 923434923x more legible than I usually would with all these letters. Harry as my back and wants to put them out anyway, and I'm inclined to side with him because I'm selfish and shit or whatever.

I've been listening obsessively to Latin American folk... especially Argentinian women. American folk is too twangy for me and usually really effin' depressing whereas Mexican and Argentinian folk is usually more danceable (always a plus in my life) and a little raunchy at times. Both can rally workers or sing to the plight of the poor campesino, but south of the border, it's a little more optimistic (at least superficially).

Did I mention that there was a spontaneous party on Thursday in my house? it was great! Me making dip turned into pong, flip cup, dancing, more pong, and you get the idea. There is so much love in this house that we must draw people near with our good vibes.

Now for something pretty I found---->