Friday, April 17, 2009

Grab A Bruise

Last night, I jammed on the harmonica while Nat played guitar at Baby Cakes. It was really random. I was trying to get up from a nap when Harrison and Nat came looking for tobacco. Geneva bailed on Nat because she was in a deep convo with her mother and somehow, I wound up playing.

There is a theory going around that part of the reason my generation hasn't protested and demonstrated against the war, NAFTA, and a host of other issues is because of recession. The '68 explosion occurred during a time of economic strength unmatched in US history. These students had the resources and the security that they could find a job after graduation and even finance the movements they were starting. To illustrate this feeling, the feeling I have that job security is practically impossible for a college grad, check out this map of job loss and gain in the US over the past two years... I like this reasoning a lot better than, there isn't a draft to motivated us.