Wednesday, April 1, 2009


things have been crazy starting the publicity campaign for HOWBOWT. Noah hasn't been sleeping or eating enough and it's taking it's toll.

This weekend, I hope it rains because I have a lot to focus on that isn't frolicking in grass under blue skies. Hopefully, I can get some stuff for my spanish presentation, my media studies presentation and HOWBOWT done. I guess I should do my actual daily homework at some point too. fuck.

It feels like ages since I've spoken to Guy. It has to have been at least two weeks since our last random Skype encounter. I miss him. I miss touch.

The co-op decided on our new wave of housemates for next year. I'm freaking out because Rowan is on the cusp. We have a four-way tie and three spots. I'm so nervous about it that I can tell it's affecting my interactions with her since we sent out the notices. I don't know what to do because I was so assuring to her, and I can't even calm myself about it, right now.

I sent my camera out today for repair. Hopefully, I'll hear from them the beginning of next week and have my baby back by the end of the following week. It was really hard to write on the service form "pre-approved repair cost- $200". It was a knife to the gut. BUUUT, I can't afford a new camera or a new lense. I'll have to just make my camera pay for itself this summer by selling shit.

I made the lousiest version of my banging black bean soup ever tonight. The worst part is that I made a SHIT TON of it.

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