Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oppression Sucks

We had to do a free write in Psych today. I actually liked her today, but then again, we weren't really learning much as usual. This is what I wrote.

Speaking of Trivialities and social Constructs
as though we ought Not to be Caught up in their Presence
What would we Talk about if they Just Disappeared?
love? Stories of Childhood?
What builds us Up instead of Oppresses?
but they Exist
we Make them exist by Giving in
we must think Critically and lay It all out
for once we Desensitize the word
it Loses its Power.

i find myself in this limbo state of becoming so annoyed with people who are overly critical and constantly searching for the oppression in statements and actions yet becoming frustrated with people that completely overlook that there are statements of oppression in our lives. in the end, i realize that it's better to be overly critical than not critical at all because that way you'll at least be questioning the system and burgeoning change and growth.

above is a sketch I did in my Faulkner lecture.

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