Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This is my first post, obviously. I've never been great at keeping blogs. I hope to use this for my musings, posting photos, poems, and whatever else hits the spot. Hopefully I'll learn how to post mp3s. Sharing is nice.

Here's a poem I wrote about a month ago.

induced to love all around,
spellbound by triplets and chords.
feeling of sparkles like medicine candy,
knowing the end is near and
welcoming me open armed.
simpleness divided by clutter and culture.
letting it all go to become one,
become one. become one.

wanting to love,
slick slippery love
like warm rolling hills
of misty morning bliss.
crimson fingertips of petally touch
blossoming natural love-
the essence of lust,
coupled with devotion.

I was rolling and had the urge to create. I was just so enamored with the world at the moment that even things like "clutter and culture" and "the end" that often haunt me and create disharmony in my life could not stop me from adoring every last bit of life. Clutter being assigned to all that clogs our minds and hearts and even literally space and keeps us from living to the fullest. The end of the first stanza, "become one", helps to illustrate my view that as people we should look for commonality and attempt to work together by accepting the "clutter and culture" rather than building walls and creating imaginary segments amongst ourselves. The last stanza calls attention to the synthetic aspect of my "love" in the first stanza (induced to love... medicine candy) and shifts to how I want to feel real organic love.

peace love and solidarity,

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