Friday, November 23, 2007

Un Dia de Gracias

Thanksgiving is such a hoax. Created by Lincoln about an event that never really occured. Even if the Native Americans did bring the pilgrims food to help them survive the next winter, what did they get in return? Do I even need to list the atrocities?

Maybe I've been indoctrinated by my Native American Studies courses and lectures over the past year and a half, but I feel as though days like today and Columbus day need to be reevaluated. I do not think that Thanksgiving needs to be abolished. I think it needs to be converted into a day where little children don't color in images of indian braves and stoic pilgrims. It should be based soley on being thankful for the outright spoils we, as Americans, take for granted. Just the fact that millions of people can afford to have a day off to over eat is a priviledge.

More importantly, we should be mindful that there are people in our own country of plenty that are without and cannot afford to splurge on a new centerpiece this year. This year for Thanksgiving, my mother and grandfather volunteered at the local Presbyterian church handing out meals. Tonight they are having a modest meal together, actually being thankful for the life they lead. Sadly, I could not be with them this year as I am spending the holiday with my father.

I guess the summation of this rant reduces down to two things:
1) The subjigation of the Native Americans is real. It is present. Do not celebrate acts of white supremecy and domination.
2) Be thankful that you are alive and well. You are reading this blog, so no matter how you want to look at your life, you are priviledged enough to have internet access and the free and idle time to read this.

peace, love and mindfullness,

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