Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer of Insecurities/LETS GO PENS!

My slab serif is coming along. I have the capitals drawn- they might/definitely will need some tweeking once I trace them in Illustrator and start playing around with associations. I've made it extremely standardized which is interesting to see how the different forms of the letters adjust to the angles and bar lines, but I'll have to see how it effects readability. I think the weirdest letters are the C and G. They might just be too similar.

At graduation last night (my dudes are all grown up!), I sketched out the lowercase. They're relations will be a little more difficult since I need to not only make them work together but with the capitals in harmony. The big question is- to serif or not to serif, how tall will the bowls be? how wide will the letters be? fuck!

Speaking of graduation-- Jes and I went to McGrogan's and had two drinks to get a nice little buzz before the ceremony... well, we got to our wretched alma mater and found that we had to stand in a line that snaked all the way into the old hallways... what a bummer. We got to chat with Ian Sulk for a little while but he had to go since he was going to graduate in like... 20 minutes. Jes and I lost our buzz but got seats in the gym in the back corner. Breck, Justin and Phil showed up (Jason with his parents), and we started picking out who was who and what we were going to yell at them when they got their diploma.

Graytock: YEAH DUDE!
Duncan: BAILIN' DUDE? (he proceeded to chest bump the principal)
Ian: SULK SULK SULK (go joey!)

We tried to text Ian Aq so he could add to his presidential speech- "Above all, be excellent to each other and PARTY ON, DUDES!" We idolize Bill & Ted a little too much sometimes.

After seeing the kids, Jes and I bolted out of the high school and found ourselves under one umbrella in a torential downpour. I was soaking wet.

Work has been fine. I'm actually going too quickly at scanning the huge pile of EOBs... I hope I don't lose hours because I did all the work in the office too efficiently. If so, I'm fucked. I need to make $$$ this summer to save up for grad school and living in Pittsburgh next year. Also... concerts. I need concert money. fuck.

I've been working out in the mornings before work and it feels good... but for some reason, I've been snacking myself silly at night and feeling obscenely bloated. Well, I have a good idea why for the latter. Nevertheless, I'm really sick and tired of being out of shape. If I had to run away from a fucking zombie, I'd be toast. I just want to feel confident and healthy above all. So, no food after 10, dammit.

Guy and I finally were able to talk on Wednesday. It felt so good to hear his voice. It reaffirmed how I feel- I love him. I love him. I love him. However, I'm not cut out to be with someone if I can't actually be with them. It's just too hard. All I want to do is have an amazing time with him when he's here in July, then be amazing friends who are living their lives to the fullest.

This summer has become the summer of insecurities.

I also got to talk to MARIA on skype!!! Oh man, it was so good to talk to her. She's just as feisty and hilarious as ever. Man, I miss my German sister.

Tonight is the final game in the Stanely Cup series. I'm getting really nervous about the whole thing. I want us to win, but we've proven ourselves pretty lousy at doing so in Detroit. Hopefully, we can pull through and give a beautiful karmic reversal of last year.

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  1. Hey doll miss you
    keeping tabs lovely fresh, - I'm in austin, high 90's love darling and hot nights, kisses to your peaches cheeks