Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Etc

so, I've been anti-internet lately. I really am sorta bored of pretending that it's extremely important that I update all my social networking constantly and such and such. So, I'm hoping to redirect my blog once again to carry mostly just projects I work on and cut out a lot of the girly ranting about things, unless of course they are something too awesome not to share. Honestly, half the time I feel like I don't even really tell the truth. Ok, enough of the shit...

I don't know if friends of poor artsy folks enjoy all the artwork they get as gifts or somehow resent that we don't spend $ on them like they might on us. I know my dad will enjoy this. It's better than a card, and he's a sap to begin with.

No Doubt= Awesome Nostalgia
Black Dice= Awesome Sweaty

Winning the STANLEY effin' CUP= MY BRAIN EXPLODING fuck detroit and especially fuck Hossa! We got the cup! We got the cup! City of Champions! Pittsburgh ROCKS!

(^ lame I know.)

I bought two Saturday tickets to ATP at Kutshers in Monticello. Happy Birthday, Harrison. Happy 1st Animal Collective & 5th Deerhunter Concert, Me! Emily said she's gonna look into coming which would be incredible.

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