Monday, June 29, 2009

The Other Indiana

I visited Emily in Indiana, Pa on Saturday. It was a nice drive that was accidentally twice as long as necessary... nevertheless, it was a pleasant drive up and an even better time there. We took a hike in the woods after laughing and giggling in her kitchen making stuffed shells. Em showed me around the town- the place where her grandparents live, her dad grew up and her parents met. Now, Emily is a third generation legacy at IUP, and I can't wait until her fall semester starts and she gets to meet some new people and not be in that big ol' apartment of hers alone.

After we both crashed after the hike, it was date night! hahah... We had dinner at Benjamin's a cute place not far from her apt. that served high class fare. Then! O my! The Drive-In to see UP!!!! IT WAS AWESOME. The whole experience was like a blast from the past. I quoted Grease and we were in constant chuckle over the dated recording telling us to visit the refreshment stand.

The best part of the whole experience was just spending time with Emily. I don't think we ever really had alone time together to talk about things. At least not this ample amount. I spilled a lot about Harrison which started to piss me off. I hate talking about it because I feel like a dumb bitch essentially. Well... enough of that!

This week the office is closed but I'll still put in two days. The others are for finally kicking ass on my projects. Hopefully I'll finish two book designs and maybe hopefully definitely possibly digitizing my font. EEGADS!!

PS- UP is amazing. Go see it. Emily and I cried. Skip Land of the Lost.

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