Tuesday, June 23, 2009

St. Brendan & Mantyhose!

here are some pictures of the comic about the life of St. Brendan I worked on with Lowry. I did more panels, even full color heaven, but I didn't take pictures of them for some reason. It was an interesting project. I had to assume the conventions that Lowry instituted when she began drawing, but of course, you can tell my hand from hers.

Angel showing St. Brendan a holy island top right double panel

Fertile island where sheep are the size of ox top left double panel

Holy monster battles evil monster top triple panel

Golden eagle with giant grapes top left double panel & St. Brendan approaches an island high atop columns bottom right double panel

St. Brendan meets Judas top and bottom left double panels

Leaving Hell bottom right double panel

So, my mom loves to watch The Bonnie Hunt Show. Remember the blonde woman from Jumanji? I like her a lot too- especially her wit. Today was a repeat where she talked about mantyhose. Oh yes... you heard right. Here's the website. I love the how-to on putting pantyhose on. It seems way too detailed, but I guess I've been wearing pantyhose since I was probably a baby.

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  1. Not familiar with Bonnie Hunt Show... is it a current one, or old rerun? What was she saying about mantyhose? BTW, your link to the website (which does not appear to have anything to do with Bonnie Hunt) appears to be incorrect. Shouldn't it be: www.e-MANcipate.net

    I'm familiar with the owner of that site.

    For another (similar but different) perspective on men's hose (mantyhose, if you must), come to www.nylongene.com

    Steve N.