Monday, August 25, 2008

Last Hoorahs

I had my going away party this weekend. Man, it's weird to feel the departure looming. I'm looking at people for the last time (at least for the next few months). There's so much I have left to do. I'm almost done packing really... just organizing it better. I try not to think about it.

The party was a lot of fun. Family, young ones, old ones... my punk ass friends... we played twister & piñata, chowed down, chilled and got pretty silly...

I did invite the Goldsmiths, but they didn't come. I guess this past Thursday was my last time watching the kids, and I didn't really realize it. I did take my camera- here are my special favorites...

I'm really going to miss them. They were such a joy to watch. I promised that I'd send a postcard from Mexico on Andre and Carla's birthdays. I can't forget.

Jes turned me on to a new "comic"/comedy site-

Check it out...

and this is a sweet blacklight tattoo I saw... guess blacklight ink could be carcinogenic... contain phosphorus and other lovely chemicals and allergens. I'm not a raver so I don't go under blacklight that often... I guess, I'll opt out for now.

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