Saturday, June 14, 2008

Long Lost Poems

I found this little booklet that I was working on during senior year of these eight line, iambic tetrameter poems. They are pretty nice. Here-

1. Mother

and leaving from her womb her heart
the child's life once torn apart
chiding elders yet sewn as one
with shackles and her freedom done
the shallows of time's sequence loom
like dreams forgot and sharing rooms
so left with home and growing seeds
my mother cries for beggar's needs

2. Witchhunt

alone at night the sought recede
to mother earth for all they need
for nature fills the spindles spun
with downy wool that quickly runs
like falling ropes of martyrs hung
by bashful hands whose fears begun
the sacred search for nature's child
with gifts of pure, mistaken wild

3. Escape

collapsing in the stable bed
alive yet sleep my heavy head
condense my thoughts and form a dream
for life is dull and false. it seems
to love and wrack the mourning heart
makes a fool of those quick and smart
and ration truth empty words
so let me dream and be absurd

4. To Jason

controlled by season, light and moon
held on high yet forgotten soon
by feisty loves with troubled mind
who disappear and fade with time
but there you sit with heavy eyes
a jester's hat is your disguise
from noble thought some don't accept
a mother's love will not reject

5. Untitled

just leave me here to rot or die
young oysters to the walrus lie
so stupid in their shiny shell.
Naivety's veil soon had fell
on empty chest with weeping eye
for blindest youth our souls doth cry
when peace and love are pure no more
the wave has come and crashed on shore

6. Dominique

so clean and cold, embrace your sin
content when you committed them
the wilted flower cannot bloom
if you neglect and still assume
that love will grow with passing time
despite your deeds that are a crime.
retire to your lofty heights
with tarnished wings. you had no right.

7. G-d

creating justice, peace and faith
and living in his perfect grace
no mortal man could speak his word
so are these lies or truths we've heard?
a swallowed man, a floating arc,
the brightest star shone in the dark
I shut my eyes and close my mind
in these myths, faith, I cannot find.

8. Narey

she asked me how I thought it was
if i had planned to fix my flaws
I told her lies and forged ahead
I gave no weight to what she said
I knew she laughed to act sincere
she made it hard to function here
and create works that we desired
like her demise we so conspired

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