Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back From Erie With a Vengeance

Erie was interesting. the first night up was semi-magical as we all relaxed, ate amazing food and found out that my mom won $2000 on a free lottery ticket. I was so stoked, I couldn't get over it. She payed of my plane ticket to Mexico and fixed the car up. Because it's under 2500, she doesn't have to claim it on her taxes. SWEET.

Thursday, the Mt. Woo kids came up. My coleus plant was amazing and I dreamt of my buddhaland- prisms. Imagine that everything and being is a prism that by simply looking at you can understand all the facets of that thing's being. It was awe inspiring.

Friday, the weather became sunny but there was still a heavy breeze as compared to the grey we'd been having. We took a trip down on the beach and Andy started freaking out. I was suddenly reaching a new level of enlightenment and he was seriously going out of his skull. There was nothing anyone could really do but tell him to just sit it out. Jes was shot into a weird mindset along with the majority of the others. She then ended up twisting her ankle. (it's doing better now)

Saturday, everyone was pretty drained and wanted to go home early. Just of course, as Matt Wright and those kids came up. Emily and I had planned to spend the day in the canoe reading and having a peaceful day... but we ended up having a great time later at my house. We sat out on my porch with Lauren, Jes and Jon and then played Ouija. I SWEAR NO ONE WAS MOVING IT. We started talking to this little girl who died at age 5 because of illness. It was crazzzzy.

Missy and Katie are moving into the city at the beginning of the month. Soooo, I'm trying to get their job at the dry cleaner. I think they are strapped for help but don't necessarily want to hire me because I won't be around in the fall. But common!!!!! I need a job already. I don't want to work at Shop N Save. It's weird. I keep feeling like I'm ready to leave for somewhere when I know that Mexico is two months away. I need a job. I only have 70 more bucks in the old checking account and a life to live. Ugh. Babysitting tonight though.

Last night was Grails. They were so good. Bought some stuff at Red White & Blue on 51. Bought some records at the show.

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  1. hello lovely lady. glad to find yer blog! i didnt get yer comment until just now(july 1st) i will be back in the burgh around july 10th, so lets get together! take care