Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Better Days

I'm in love with Graham Nash. Songs for Beginners is quite possibly my all-time favorite album. I just want to be surrounded by his voice and lyrics.

Wednesday proved to be a go business day. I blew 40 bucks on a whim, but I couldn't pass up that deal! I can't wait to take a trip at Erie. I hope I don't have to share.

The zombie party was good. no crazy zombie movie was made but it just hella bizarre to be sitting around with people that all looked like they were extremely fucked up. Bleeding from their eyes, nose, mouth... it made a regular saturday night into something special. I wish I would have been able to stay up though. I only drank two glasses of wine before I passed out.


Jon lost his wallet. Dear god. He had so much money in it. Here is the story:

Nate decided that he should have a zombie wrestling match with Megan. They rolled around a little before extremely drunk Jon decided he wanted to take on Nate. They locked up and soon Jon went somersaulting down the hill. Never losing the cigarette in his mouth. That's when we think his wallet must have fallen out of his back pocket. So, later that night after everyone had left and all the housemates were asleep, a bunch of drunk guys that work with Megan came over and were just chilling on their back patio. Megan hears them, wakes up, and tells them to leave. At some point they must have been fighting because there was blood found the next morning (not zombie blood). Now, if Jon's wallet had been just chilling outside, we figure they must have taken it. The people at the party are all of our friends and would have at least taken it inside/given it to one of the housemates. Those drunk fucks must have taken it because it was definitely not at the house the next day, it wasn't in Jon's car or anywhere else we could think of looking.

I babysat the Goldsmiths for the first time on friday for only like three and a half hours. They are crazy good. So well behaved that it's scary. I hope I can start watching them a little more often. I need the money. I still haven't found another job. I might have to go to Shop N Save. UUUGHHH. Rowan is having the same trouble in Seattle. No on is really hiring because of the economic problems and they especially aren't looking for seasonal help when they can hire someone full time year-round.

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