Monday, June 9, 2008

Draft a Letter

So, I have a little bit of money coming my way... the babysitting I thought was a no go is now a two-three times a week. I met the kids on Saturday morning and they are too cute and amazing. They immediately took to me. Carla, 8; Andre, 5; and Alexa, 3. I'll also be working maybe a day or two a week in the parents' dental office doing data entry, which, hell, in an air conditioned side room is fine by me! I'm still looking for another part time. Haven't heard from Starbucks yet though. AND my mom is paying me to clean the print shop. I worked today wiping down the front office. Omigod. It was so dirty. The spiders were all running away from the vacuum because I was completely destroying their homes. I didn't kill any bugs that I know of. I don't see the point. But anyway, I'm on a mission to work as much as possible. I don't care if that means I have four jobs that give me hours here and there, it'll be worth it when I put the money in the bank. and to think that unemployment went up .5% last month.

I talked to Scotty D last night for the first time in a long time. Wow. I am so proud of him. He got a grant to do research in Boston and is working a second job... but he's doing it. He's going to be some hot shot physicist/engineer. We haven't been nearly as close as we used to be since college, but I will always be invested in his life. I love him dearly. I wonder if I'm just really blowing it when I think of how dedicated he is. I don't know if my education is going to contribute in any way to what I'll end up doing. And if Latin America is my "thing" then why am I not working harder to speak spanish and find out opportunities to further myself in the discipline and see what I can do with it as a job? I think sometimes that I want to work in magazines like my mom, but I don't want an english degree necessarily or a business degree which are probably the degrees I would need to actually land a decent job in a publishing house, but aaaaaaaagh. Maybe I should bust my ASS and learn how to actually use my manual, have katie take me to the darkroom and show me around, and build up a kick ass photography portfolio and try and get a masters in photojournalism. Then, I would be a big asset to a company- not only am I good photographer, but I would be highly educated in Latin American issues and could go down on jobs. Wow... maybe that is a dream come true. Have I figured something out? Goal for next summer- internship at a magazine. Shoot for National Geographic. (who isn't?)

This weekend was fun and of course full of some bull shit. I don't even want to really get into it.


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