Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Post-Crazy Friendship

Harrison and I had, I think, our first ever civil discussion of what happened last year. Essentially, it was a combination of horrible timing and miscommunication. I feel a lot better now having aired my grievances, stopped victimizing myself and just let go. It should be interesting to see how we evolve as friends now. I'm an upfront person and Harrison is, well, not; so, I guess we'll see how we live in the "post-relationship/crazy" and how we address the past. I think the only time I was ever active in being friends with Harrison and the only time I was really myself to even be friends with before coming back this semester was before my dad's heart attack and definitely before the whole locked door scenario. He apologized.

There is one of the most beautiful cardinals that I have ever seen sitting on a branch outside my window. his color is an orange red, a slight touch of pink and soft browns blend on his wings.

Maggie 4.0 has been a bust so far. Vassar is a difficult mistress when it comes to getting shit done in addition to the shit I'm already having trouble getting done.

speaking of which...

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