Monday, February 23, 2009

I've Been Punk'd

Noah Chilton must go down for what he has done.

I got a drink with another Latin American Studies major, Chris, who is a tall ginger recently back from Chile. The VSA subsidized a happy hour at the Mug, so I got to have some wine and cheese. Woo!

Novice had a nice sampling of bands including 3D Chicks, a Vassar band with James, Harrison's housemate, on drums. It was his birthday, so of course we came out to celebrate. I ended up dancing my proverbial ass off with Dave Wicik who is perhaps crazier at dancing than I am. No. He is. Josh Harmon, my english teacher was there which was cool. Nice to see professors as people and not just the people that assign you readings and papers.

Party at A2 for James' Birthday! Harry and I found ourselves in the kitchen holding hands (because friends do that alright?) and watching the people standing immediately in front of us making out. So much for last grope, huh?

Guy couldn't talk on skype because relatives of the family he lives with showed up and wanted to talk to him. I did not know this at the time and was very upset to have missed our chat time.

we had a fire alarm at the co-op because this dude jon tried to deep fry potatoes and ended up starting a grease fire. At least we have some nice splatter effects in the entry way.

Jacinthe is leaving the house. The dynamic has already changed for the better although it's not because we didn't like her.

I helped some catalyst kids tool around in inDesign so they could lay out a project they began last semester. I'm not going to get too too involved this semester but want to help out and do some design.

I went to an improv dance like... workshop? that a couple of my friends put on every friday and Harry's band, Buffalo drive jammed for us. It was wonderful just to move around and feel my body.

After dance, Noah, Harry and myself went to ACDC for some dinner... and then I was punk'd. here's the dialogue... harry is just walking away to get some dessert.
Noah- You know Harry came out?
Me- What?
N- You heard what I said.
M- Are you serious?
(noah gives me a little look, a glimmer is in his eye)
M- What about Jeanne? Omigod.
N- he didn't tell you about this?
M- No.
N- Ask him when he comes back. he's open about it if you ask him.
(meanwhile my brain is spinning. is harry gay? what? he has a girlfriend! he's had girlfriends!)
M- I guess, I guess I can see it. He wears a lot of scarves.
N- Yeah, I don't know about those bandannas either. I can't believe he didn't tell you last night at the party.
M- He didn't say anything to me.
N- Were you with him last night?
M- Yeah.
N- All night?
M- Yeah.
N- ALL night?
(harry appears and starts to walk towards our table)
M- He did sort of leave mysteriously last night without saying goodbye. omigod? did he leave with someone? Noah!
N- Ask him!
(harry sits down)
Harry- Hey guys. What's up?
N- Maggie. You gotta ask.
H- Huh?
M- Are you gay?
Noah and Harry laugh hysterically. I assumed it was because of the frankness of my question.
H- Yes. I am.
M- oh, ok. That's fine.
H- No, I'm not.
M- what?
N- I can't believe you bought all that!

Harry was not in on the scheme. Noah did it off the cuff after I didn't flat out dismiss his statement. Am I gullible or trusting? At least everyone knows that if you decide to change your sexuality, I'll be totally cool with it. Harry later said he never doubted that fact.

Later that night, Harry and I found ourselves in a kitchen, not holding hands, but still watching two people right in front of us making out. Oh, the symmetry.

Harrison took me shopping.
Got to hang out with Katie Johnson.
Got to hang out with Keke Marquise.
Harry wrote that I was better than you are.

Tried to work although the skies were grey and leaking.

Talked about the festival- we are now Howbowt. I'm working on some ideas and gimmicks. gotta have some merch, you know.

Harrison started to make applesauce. I tried a bite and had to spit it out because it was giving me an acidic nauseous feeling. The solid chunky apples were better.

We had another fire alarm. I won't go into detail.

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