Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Winter Vacation

Atlas Sound was tonight. I couldn't believe that Vassar of all places, Sam Bloch of all people got Bradford Cox and his cronies to come to Vassar and play. I was totally fanning out all night with my friend Kevin. It was nice to have someone else that was excited as I was. We were like little children. I was completely mesmerized by Bradford Cox's presence. There was some crazy story about how their keyboardist broke his foot and his last name is also Foote, and for some reason that meant that the drummer girl and the keyboardist were in Baltimore with all the Atlas Sound gear. I don't know the details, I'm sorry. I hope Bradford will blog about it soon to fill in the gaps. (deerhuntertheband.blogspot) Because of that whole incident, Bradford and Honey of Valet played on foreign gear and pedals supplied by Adam of White Rainbows. Also, this would be the first ever Atlas Sound solo show. Despite glitches, Honey and Bradford both played solid sets. Bradford actually played a Deerhunter song tonight (Spring Hall Convert) even though he "swore" he wouldn't. What was really weird about the night was that I saw my english teacher there. Harmon is definitely too cool for school.

someone has a lesbian crush? hahaha.

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