Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Ass Is Square From Sitting Here Idle

Things have definitely gotten better since last post.

My dad's surgery went really well- a quadruple bypass. I honestly think that my dad has a curse that terrible health problems should befall him, yet he is also blessed that none of things kill him. I guess that in the end, his diabetes et al will do him in, but as long as he sticks around for a little while longer, I'm happy. I haven't spoken to him since Saturday. I should really call him today as they might have moved him out of the ICU where I can't call into his room.

The whole Harrison thing has be alleviated. I just brought up that he was acting differently and we talked about it (sparsely, as guys usually are about such matters) but came to the understanding that we are both not really ready for a serious relationship and want to keep it light on the commitment. This point in my life is probably the worst to start in any kind of relationship considering the transience of college, but as I said to him, I'd rather have something that nothing- especially if I've found someone I care about. I'm trying not to think about things too much and just let it all happen, which seems to be the best idea. After our talk though, I think things have been better than ever. I guess it's wrapped up in the fact that neither of us have to live up to some unspoken expectations that don't really exist.

I've been putting off that Spanish paper all week and even as I sit here I am procrastinating. I have 280 words of 1000. But, I do have all day tomorrow to do it. THANKFULLY.

tonight is excepter!! woot!!

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