Sunday, February 17, 2008

Too Much Melancholy

Things have been insaaanee. Honestly, a little too much for me to handle. I'm doing a good job at saving face, but sadly, I'm a mess over things.

1) my dad is in the hospital because of a heart attack. he goes in for surgery tomorrow at 830 in the morning. I was just starting to have a great relationship with him and I can't/ don't want to imagine losing him anytime in the near future. His father died in his, I believe, late fifties from a heart attack.

2) harrison has been sort of distant with me. I can't really handle relationships with people who aren't extremely affectionate like myself. I get paranoid. I feel like our status is always up in the air, and it drives me mad. Not to mention he's been passing out cold every night so I can't even get affection when we are alone together. harumph. I'm just hoping that issue #1 is making me overly sensitive and warping my perspective on this situation.

3) I killed my clover plant.

4) I have to write a four page spanish essay for this week and I have no idea. at all. I'm thinking about asking for an extension over next weekend.

5) I wrote a very sad story for my literary nonfiction class. it dug up old emotions.

At least today was fun. I was in Eliot's movie where I had to sloppily make out with two guys I had just met. hahaha.

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