Thursday, August 20, 2009

David Lynch/Odiléa Toscano/James Turrell

Did anyone know that David Lynch liked to take photographs? Well, he's been collaborating with Danger Mouse with his new album Dark Night of the Soul and came up with the above. See more of the collection and get linked to a preview of Danger Mouse's album here.

I love books, if you couldn't tell, so when grainedit posted about Odiléa Toscano, a Brazilian designer in the '60s and '70s, I was super stoked to see her book jackets. I love the idea of the title as a marquee across the entire jacket. I greatly appreciate when designers use the jacket as a whole and not just a front, a back and a spine.

Speaking of being a bibliophile... Design Observer has got me satiated. Check it out.

Now, for even more bizarre connections...

The other day, my future housemate posted a link to a photo (left) of Roden Crater where James Turrell has created more of his fabulous optical installations. Then, while I was on Design Observer, I saw this great interview with the artist. I've known about Turrell for awhile now. I used to work and take classes at the Mattress Factory (MF) here in Pittsburgh where there are several Turrell installations. His work teaches us that art can be science and science can be art- especially when it plays with our vision- the basis of the mundane art experience.

While I was over at the MF site checking out Turrell, I realized that Jeremy Boyle- my teacher and admittedly, demigod had a new piece at the museum. Jeremy taught two classes I took at MF in high school and oversaw while a rag tag group of high school kids placed two sound pieces in the museum. My role was spending a lot of time in pro-tools mixing the tracks and then on ladders soldering the speakers. I'll have to find some pictures and put them up. ....buuuuuut... back to the point. Jeremy Boyle is truly a gifted and inspired sound and visual artist. Check out his site or make sure you see his untitled piece at the Mattress Factory that runs til January 2010.

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