Friday, August 14, 2009

Doomsday Clouds

On the drive home from Bethlehem, Emily and I were talking a lot about the beauty of nature and how unbelievable it is sometimes. Also, we both wished to experience something magical at some point. You know... something completely fantastical and other-worldly. Well, when we got to my house, I think we got it mixed with our awe of nature.

A storm rolled in like I've never seen before. The clouds hung low, and grew rapidly in clumps above us as the storm slid across CBG from my hillside to the other. We were both a little freaked out, but I would say more in utter shock from nature.

I wish these pictures were like in that newspaper from Harry Potter- the Daily Prophet- moving and giving a real indication of what was going on. The depth of the clouds and the rate of their development was just astounding.

Emily said they reminded her of James and the Giant Peach when the rhino comes out of the cloud.

I said when Voldemort appears in Harry Potter. I couldn't find a picture from the movie so, this one will have to do...

HAHAHAHAHA-> Futurama totally kicks ass. Thanks!

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  1. haha. geeking me out. thats not voldermort! i really do think our magical prayers were answered. that was so phenomenal. i wish i would have had my video camera .. it was one of the coolest things ive ever seen in nature. the drive through pennsylvania was equally magical and breathtaking.