Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Mosaic Experiment/Restraint

I have a think for beards. I did a barely similar (aka much worse) illustration of a long beard with mustache for CONTRAST's 2009 fall issue. Luckily, Arthur Cherry has designed a much better ode to beards for the Mosaic Experiment, a book about living traditional Jewish teachings in a modern age. I enjoy the worn feeling, use of old motifs such as rotunda, yet like the content uses these with a modern sensibility. Read more at Face Out Books.

Arthur also designed inside panels to match the cover design:
at first I was flipping, thinking- dude, this guy totally just ripped the typeface treatment for his other book. Then I realized that the Mosaic Experiment and the Kingdom Experiment are related, and now, I think it was a great move. (and that I make rash judgements)

I recognize this! Arthur's design for Lodahl's the Story of God was also featured on Face Out Books and uses Marion Bantje's typeface Restraint gorgeously.

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