Friday, June 18, 2010

Morrison Hotel Gallery

I found out about the Morrison Hotel Gallery (yes the one in that picture of the Doors) when Rolling Stone tweeted about a slideshow of rare photos of the Beatles first North American tour ('64). This is an epic post because, well, I went through about half of all the amazing pictures the Morrison has online and picked about oh... 15 of my absolute favorites, especially of the Beatles.

Beatles' '64 North American Tour by Curt Gunther:
by Astrid Kirschherr:
by Paul Saltzman:
by Robert Whitaker:
the Butcher sleeve

Eric Clapton

Jimi Hendrix by Barrie Wentzell:
Self Portrait by Graham Nash:
The Doors by Joel Brodsky:
by Jerry De Wilde:
Tom Waits by Danny Clinch:
Debbie Harry by Bob Gruen:
Hunter S. Thompson by Al Satterwhite:

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