Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mothers' Birthday/Potpurri

Today's my mom's birthday! She's a very special lady...

this is my mom in college. the similarity is frightening. it seems that I will in fact become my mother because I've been her the whole time!

my first ocean, Martha's Vineyard.

now, this is something my little cousin did for his mother (my aunt cyndi) on her birthday, the 22nd. la la love it! watch for when he stops to scratch his ear...


  1. i still don't get the earth sign pun, but man am i sick of all those intangible fan pages. So-And-So Became a Fan of "THINKING ABOUT IF I SHOULD LET MY FART RIP OR NOT. PFFFFFFT. WHOOPS. OH WELL."

  2. Hahahaha. Yes, Yes.