Monday, December 28, 2009

Personal Evolution Astrology

My friend Hannah just turned me onto Personal Evolution Astrology. I'm a big fan of astrology and think that if one delves deeper into it, the more influential it reveals itself to be. Check out my horoscope for this week-

Aquarius - These next few weeks might feel like one of the weirder periods you've experienced in some time. With Mercury retrograde and the Sun, Pluto and Venus all in your 12th House of hidden things, there's a gathering of the tribes going on in your unconscious mind. You really can't force your will on the archetypes when they get together like this; your best bet is to schedule in as much quiet time or Nature time as you can and just try to listen in. This isn't the time for making bold or desperate moves in the outer world. You've got great friends and you've always been there for them, so if you need a little assistance (emotional, financial, whatever) to get you through the next three weeks, you just need to ask. If you buy yourself some meditative time now, you'll be amazed at what you can learn about the deeper currents of your being, the deeper motivations in your soul that seem able to force you to act in ways you didn't intend to act. Thursday's eclipse in your 6th House of work and service could bring a job opportunity your way; this may not be what you wanted or expected but it will provide you with some security and also will illuminate more about what the Buddhist concept of "right work" means for you. The information you glean about your own hidden self over the next three weeks will prove invaluable before 2010 is over, by the way.

I'll explain more later. ^_~

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  1. ours are similar in time increments. the next few weeks and new years eve. i like this. thankyou for getting me interested.